Winter Engagement Photos || Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

It occurred to me the other day that I have never blogged an engagement session….so I thought I would start with one of the most recent ones I have done:) Winter engagement photos!  Adam and I got on the train (literally a five minute walk up the hill from my house) to Boston.  It was on one of the few nice winter days we got this season.  A wonderful day for this Massachusetts wedding photographer to photograph a wonderful winter engagement session!  Stefanae and Chris picked us up at North Station and we rode out to the courthouse where they met to begin the engagement session.  They have a pretty awesome story.  She was an intern at the courthouse and he thought she was cute….they started hanging out and the rest is history!  Did I mention I adore these two–they are super laid back, he is such a sweet guy, and she is amazing….pretty much both of them are just all around lovely making them a perfect match.  Anyway after photographing around the old mill town in Massachusetts for a bit we went out to the actual wedding venue.  The venue is a private residence and happens to be Stefanae’s grandparents place.  I loved it of course because it is a small working farm!  I am sooooo ridiculously excited about the vintage tractor wedding pictures in October!  Needless to say they were a blast to photograph just laughing with each other and being game for whatever I suggested.

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Wacky Wednesday || Maine Wedding Photographer

This week is a busy week as I will be heading home to get ready for my brother’s celebration of life.  I am super excited to see my family from the DC area…as well as meet all of my brother’s friends!  It is a bit daunting though–its still a bit unreal to me.  It’s like I expect him to walk in as if we are throwing him a surprise party.  Anyway, I thought  I would write about what this Maine wedding photographer is working on for fun in her spare time:) I am taking a blogging class online, and a journaling class.  The journaling class has me pulling out all of the stops as it is an art-book journal….you collage, you write….it is a book for passion and positivity.  It brings me back to when I was younger and my favorite thing to do was create collages.  My entire wall in my room was a massive collage….full of photographs, magazine clippings, and words that meant something to me at the time.  Its fun to get back into laying things out on a piece of paper.  I recently designed a piece in Adobe Indesign and I just love working with trying to make information as appealing as possible.  So this making choices about how you want the page to look, and writing the right things in your best handwriting, and curating the content to be what I want is a blast from the past!  I really can not draw at all but I sure like to try to be artsy and I may have a slight problem when it comes to buying art supplies:)

Besides my best scissors here are some of my other project supplies:

design and blogging class

But don’t be fooled this wasn’t that easy of a picture to take….I had my little helper:)

collage and art class

Ill photograph the work when I am finished and show some of it on here:) Have a good week/weekend!


Fun ideas and tips for planning your Maine wedding || Maine Wedding Photography

Here are some fun ideas and tips for planning your Maine wedding:

  • Make sure the baker, stationery, florist and planner are on the same page so the cake has similarities to the invitations and the floral match the colors and feel of the wedding.
  • Bring in a lighting expert—they can transform a space which will make the pictures amazing!  One less thing for you to have to worry about–you won’t be wrapping posts with christmas lights the night before your wedding this way.

maine wedding photographer

  • Don’t forget that the Maine weather can vary up to 30 degrees in one day be sure to let your guests know ahead of time so they dress properly
  • Personalized vows—go ahead and do the traditional ones too—but either write and read your custom vows or memorize them.  They are worth it!  They make the guests laugh and cry and they really make you remember why you are marrying that person.

maine outdoor wedding ceremony picturespersonalized wedding vows

  • Hire a professional designer/planner.  They are able to take a concept and run with it.  Not to mention they do all of the setting up and breaking down of the reception space.  This is a vintage garden glam wedding.

boothbay botanical gardens wedding maine

  • Have an intimate wedding—limit the list to the closest friends and family.  You get to actually greet and spend time with your guests this way.

boothbay botanical gardens maine

  • Use long tables instead of round tables.  They make people get up and move around more as well as socialize across the table.  It just gives the wedding a close knit feel as its sort of as if everyone is sitting at one giant table.  Plus you don’t need to seat your wedding party differently this way they are spread throughout the guests.

maine wedding photography

  • Make up a wedding brand or logo that you can use on your stationary, cake, and use in your lighting.
  • Let the photographer and videographer know who they key players are….for example if you are particularly close to your parents and your god mother for example its nice to know that ahead of time.
  • Get a classic manicure and pedicure for your wedding—French tips are timeless
  • Use the invitations to provide as much information for the guests as possible—the dress (formal, cocktail) the weather, things to do in the area, directions, timeline etc.  Having a classy invitation suite sets the tone for the whole wedding.

sunday river wedding invitation

  • Make sure your details are meaningful to you two!  Have the wedding represent your likes and personalities.  Think outside the box and create a story for the guests around them.

personalized wedding favors

  • Hire a professional videographer!  There is no replacement for an awesome five minute cinema short of your wedding day with the vows and speeches!
  • Use a photographer that is right for you—someone you can get along with for the day, someone that fits your personalities, and someone who gives not too much or too little direction.  Make sure you LOVE their portfolio because that is a representation of their constant wedding work.
  • Don’t go too crazy with pinterest–remember those posts you have seen about pinterest fails:) Your wedding is going to be perfectly yours–with beautiful images you don’t want it to be a direct copy.
  • Light your wedding cake—make it an admirable detail for your wedding—get creative with it!
  • Get creative with the food….lobster bake, BBQ, pizza bar, food trucks….all awesome experiences.

food stations wedding maine

  • Bring in a photobooth and lots of props for the guests.

maine wedding photoboothMaine Wedding Photo Booth

  • Don’t be afraid to mix styles—rustic chic, art deco vintage, modern classic etc  A planner can help make this all come together.  Its ok to like  variety of things–with the right expertise everything can be tied together beautifully to create an event that is totally the two of you that your guests can appreciate.
  • Add humor and a story to your wedding day—everyone there should be connected to you enough to have a memory with the two of you—bring those stories out
  • Do use something borrowed, and old, blue, and new

maine wedding photography

  • When planning the wedding think about the guests senses—what will they smell, hear, taste, touch, and see?  In fact think of the guests in general they have traveled from far and wide to celebrate with you make sure it is a wonderful experience for them.
  • Consider letting your photographer use some film for those timeless black and white images
  • The photo time should be private time for the two of you—it should feel natural and be fun

point lookout maine weddingbride and groom fun wedding photos maine

  • Do a first look—it frees up time to spend with the guests and alleviates the stresses.  Not to mention you get a real quiet moment just the two of you with genuine reactions.

nonantum wedding photographyfirst look photosfirst look wedding photos

  • Welcome bags—that have local things from the area in them and suggestions from the bride and groom for things to do and places to eat or items they might use that weekend

Local Maine Welcome Bags

  • To go cake boxes or an after dancing treat  are very popular with guests.  We all know when drinking late night snacks are the best!

maine wedding food

12 Maine Wedding Trends for 2014 || Ideas for Maine Wedding Planning

I love weddings and I love the new ideas people come up with.  I also love the things that work so well they end up being a staple in the wedding world.  Here are 12 Maine wedding trends for 2014 and  some ideas for planning your Maine wedding:)

1. Rustic Chic and Rustic Elegance.  You have seen it bringing beauty to the outdoors, making barns look amazing, enjoying the fun of a wedding with simple but elegant wedding details.  Some rustic elegant wedding ideas include chic boots against a blingy gold backdrop, tulips coupled with gold bling, handmade ring box, mason jars, barn boards, and mismatched vintage plates.

rustic elegance wedding mainerustic chic maine weddingmaine wedding photographerrustic chic wedding ideas

2. Making a weekend of it…bringing the guests in for rehearsal dinner and pre wedding events as well as the actual wedding.  A wedding weekend is awesome if you offer your guests fun things to do such as a mock Amazing race event, or a themed brunch.  Some weekend wedding retreats could be campgrounds such as Wildwood or Camp Ketcha or even just creating a fun Maine to do list for guests in their guest bag with a map.  Weekend wedding rehearsal dinner ideas often include a bonfire or a lobster/clambake.

maine wedding photography ideasmaine wedding photographersweekend wedding retreats

3. Bright colors are back—why not rock some orange?  Don’t get me wrong pastels are still in….but bright looks awesome when coupled with the right details.  Some orange wedding ideas are cute flower girl dresses, or orange bridesmaids dresses.  Some orange wedding details include custom ring holder with orange ribbon, and orange ties for the men.

maine wedding photographymaine wedding photographer

4. Black Tie Formal Weddings–Chic, Modern, Elegant, Formal affairs.  Bringing back the ballrooms and long beautiful gowns.  Black tie wedding attire for the men is a tuxedo and for women would be long often sleek black ball gowns.  Think red carpet:)

black tie wedding maine

5. Nautical never goes out of style–at least not for us Maine wedding photographers.  The coast of Maine is so amazing–using the small fishing towns to your advantage and rocking lobster bibs:) Some nautical Maine coast ideas include getting married on one of the amazing islands off the coast of Portland, message in a bottle wedding details, nautical knots for wedding table numbers, sea shells, and of course lobster!

maine island wedding photographerscoastal maine wedding photographersmaine nautical wedding details

6.unplugged weddings–LOVE this trend:) It is so nice to put the camera down and leave the cell phone in the car for a while you really get to enjoy the company of others and be in the moment this way without being tempted to google something or check the Facebook.  It is wonderful to tell your friends and family ahead of time that all of the photos taken will be shared with them that way they don’t feel pressured to have their own version.

maine wedding photographermaine wedding photography

7.DIY backdrops and backgrounds for ceremonies and photo booths.  It is so fun to get crafty–and there are so many amazing paper backdrop ideas out there right now!  DIY wedding paper backgrounds can be made out of tissue paper into balls or flowers, they can be made out of craft paper into any colored paper chain you want, they can be made into designs and create wonderful textures that are awesome Maine wedding photography ideas.  It brings a personal element to your wedding you don’t often see and photographs beautifully.

paper chain wedding backgroundwedding paper flower backgrounds

8. non traditional bouquets-Pinwheels, paper flowers, broaches, recycled materials, fabric florals:) all DIY options with personality and fun!  This DIY pinwheel bouquet was made from craft paper and buttons with a hot glue gun.

pinwheel wedding bouquet

9.candlelight and uplighting–I am a huge uplighting fan.  I love the mood and atmosphere it creates.  I also love TONS and TONS of candles:) That really gives a certain feeling to the evening–very romantic.

maine wedding photographer sebasco harborwedding uplightingmaine wedding photography sebasco harbor

10.chandalier and other prop rentals–wow!  what an amazing centerpiece your lighting becomes when you rent a chandelier.  Wedding prop rental ideas include details for your cake table or escort card table (think antiques) as well as large items like tables, chairs, sofas etc.  You can really create a custom space this way and offer some comfortable cocktail hour seating choices.

wedding chandelier rentalrustic prop wedding rental ideas

11. themed weddings-anything goes….mustaches, carnival, 80′s, star wars, whatever your hearts contend:) Pinwheel wedding themes can be fun as you can use them in a variety of places….boutonnieres, bouquets, cake toppers etc.

DIY pinwheel wedding thememaine wedding photography

12.  sparkler exits still look pretty awesome–this is an oldie but goodie…..the long wedding sparklers never get old to play with!

maine wedding photographersskiesta wedding sparkler exit


Photographs are Priceless || Maine Wedding Photographer

Photographs are priceless…I have always loved them….been fascinated with how they capture time….but now I truly understand and know why they are priceless.

maine wedding photographer

On February 19th 2014 my life changed forever.  I got a phone call around 10:30pm from my parents saying they were on their way in the snowstorm to the hospital because my brother had been in an accident but they didn’t have anymore information than that.  I told them to drive safe and call me back as soon as you know something.  I was playing Taboo with Adam (my amazing boyfriend) and his cousin and his good friend Tiffany.  We were having a ton of fun.  After the first phone call we went on pause anticipating the next phone call.  After a while when they didn’t call back we began playing again.  I figured he was injured but he would be ok.  I figured if for some reason he was in critical condition we would drive to the hospital that night no matter how long it took.  It was only moments into playing again when at 12:15am my mom called me back.  She couldn’t hear me—I could hear her hysterics.  I was screaming into the phone “Mom I can hear you, I can hear you” and then she said “He’s dead Patty, he is dead”  I’ll never forget this moment.  I doubled over and just broke down.  There was no way this could be true.  I fell apart.  I am so lucky Adam was with me to get me home safely.  A million questions raced through my head, a million things I said to him….he meant the world to me.  I would have done anything for him.  We were 6.5 years apart in age.  He was my “little man” even though he towered over me in height.

The next day was horrible.  I drove to my parents house and people came and left and brought food.  There is nothing anyone can do or say.  If you cant bring him back I don’t want to hear from you was how I felt.  Trying to hold myself together for my parents.  My Dad and I had to go to the bank to put money in so that we could pay for my brothers cremation.  The words “Have a nice day” have never been so insulting and stung so bad.  I lost my little brother, he was only 24 years old.  There is nothing nice about that.

Its almost a month later now and not only does it not feel real but I am still struggling everyday to just go through the motions of life that I did everyday before that night.  There is only the life before 2-19-14 and the life after.  They are so different.  As time passes it gets worse not better.  I miss him more.  It becomes more and more apparent that the memories and few photographs are all I have left.  That he wont be at my wedding if I ever get married, and that I wont be at his.  That if I were to ever have kids they wouldn’t know my brother.  That all I have to show them are a few photographs.  That all in all I didn’t see him that often.  That in our adult lives I didn’t get to spend much time with him.  My job….taking photographs….documenting not details but relationships at a wedding….that is valuable.  You never know what’s going to happen in life and at the end of everything all that is left are the photos—the photos that feed the memories and bring those loved ones to life in your mind.

The point of this post is to remind everyone of what is really important in life….its not money or things….its family, friends, and fun.  It’s the everyday moments you spend with people you love that make up the story of your life.  It’s the photos that you take that will allow those moments and memories and people to live on not just in your mind but offer the physical picture of that person for the minds of people in years to come.  What I do documenting memories is priceless.  It is hard work and takes a trained eye….its knowing when to click and who to watch and where to stand….its being in the right place at the right time.  Photography is important.  In the end it is all that you have left.

maine wedding photographermaine wedding photographer