Nonantum Wedding || Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photographer

My favorite memory from yesterday’s wedding was when Abigail saw Ryan for the first look.  The waves were crashing making great surf….but everything melted away except them.  They shared a moment and all the anxiety was washed away and they were ready to tackle the day together.  Abigail’s dress fit her perfectly and looked stunning.  One of her sisters gave an amazing toast just before dinner….and her Dad left them with excellent marriage advice.  It was a perfect day.  The guests including the bridal party were surprised when Abigail and Ryan arrived at cocktail hour on a sail boat.  I was so lucky to be able to photograph this beautiful coastal Maine wedding.

How did you meet?

How did he propose?  As luck would have it I was working on my birthday, for 12 hours. Yuck! Ryan decided we would celebrate that Thursday, May 16th. He told me he would make me breakfast in bed and we would go out for dinner. What a great guy!! I was looking forward to Thursday because my school semester had finally ended and I had nothing to do that day except sleep in! Well Ryan had other plans…he woke me up at 8 AM and asked if I wanted coffee. After politely declining, I told him that I wanted to sleep a little longer and wake me up in an hour. Literally 5 minutes later he asked if i wanted coffee again…so at this point I guess I wasn’t going to be sleeping in.

Ryan made coffee and brought Peanut and I breakfast in bed. He made scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, and sausage. Perfect birthday breakfast!!! Peanut even thought it was good. Ryan cleared the dished and as Peanut and I laid in bed he came back into the room, this time carrying another plate, “round two” as he called it. I thought it might have been an apple fritter from the donut place down the street, which are my favorite. I wasn’t paying much attention until he was right beside me. As he brought the plate to eye level I saw an amazing thing! There was the most beautiful diamond ring with rose petals around it (thanks for the birthday roses Dad!!). I have no idea what happened after that. Ryan tells me that he got down on one knee but I don’t remember. I don’t even remember if I said yes!! It was one of the most amazing moments and it was perfect.

What is your favorite part of wedding planning? I bought my dress at Kleinfeld in NYC. It was such a great experience!! Also, I have really enjoyed bringing Maine into the wedding. Maine has been such a big part of my life and it is part of my fairytale to be married there. I love looking at Pinterest for different ideas.

What is the most important to you about your wedding? The pictures. I know that the day is going to fly by. I look forward to looking back with the pictures of the memories.

What is your favorite thing about your fiancée?  He is my greatest support system. He makes me laugh. He loves my dog, almost as much as I do. He will clean the house. He cooks me dinner. He takes me out to dinner. The list goes on and on. It amazes me to this day that I have been lucky enough to meet him.

Dress:  Kleinfeld, NYC. Monique LHuillier is the designer  || Venue: Nonantum  ||  DJ: Fred Pappalardo  ||  Cake: A Little Something Bakery, West Hartford, CT  ||  Florist:  Durocher Florist, Springfield, MA   ||  Photography: Kivalo Photography

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Portland Maine Wedding Photography || Ocean Gateway Wedding

Some of my favorite moments from Amber and Brad’s wedding last weekend were: Huck the groomsmen on the dance floor, opening champagne in the limo, when Amber got her dress on, the sunset at Ocean Gateway, and when Amber’s mom bought all the girls a shot. It was the perfect mix of social and dancing.  The reception was at the Ocean Gateway and the DJ Greg from Northeast was the amazing…their uplighting looked great.  The florals were done by Fleur De Lis, the catering was CVC catering, and the cake was from European Bakery.

How did you two meet?   Brad and I first met in middle school, although we did not first become friends until much later when we went to senior prom together. After the prom we parted ways until our freshmen year of college at the University of Maine when we made it official. We have been together since then, seven years later!

How did he propose?  Brad proposed during a vacation in Washington, DC. We spent the afternoon touring the city and after visiting the Jefferson Memorial we walked around the water to view the Cherry Blossoms. Brad suggested we have a seat and enjoy the view and that’s when he asked!

What is your favorite part of wedding planning?  My favorite part of the wedding planning has been sharing stories and ideas with friends and family, and on PInterest, which has been an excellent resource! Sharing the whole wedding process, both the planning and the day, with Brad and with the other important people in our lives has been unbelievably fun!

What is the most important to you about your wedding?  The most important thing about the wedding is that everyone has fun – us included! Summers in Maine are beautiful, our favorite time of year. We look forward to good food and drinks with good friends and family, and hopefully we can get some good weather!

What is your favorite thing about your fiancée?   My favorite thing about Brad is his fun loving spirit and willingness to always try new things. When I asked Brad his favorite thing about me, he also said, “Your fun loving personality!” No better way to spend a life than with someone you can experience new things with and have fun doing it! We are lucky to both share similar characteristics and values, it sure has made wedding planning nice and easy!



Ocean Gateway Wedding || Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday Rachel and Jake after 16 months of planning finally tied the knot!  They were married at the Ocean Gateway.  I can not speak highly enough of Megan and her team from B Merry Events!  They were amazing–everything looked great and went perfectly.   The catering was done by 111 catering and it was fantastic.  Lighting by The Event Lighting Pro’s and the cake by Cakes Elizabeth.  The florals were done by Fleur De Lis, the DJ was DJ Jon Hawkins.  I was so fortunate to be able to be a part of Rachel and Jake’s wonderful wedding day.

“Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable” – Tom Landry

The ‘story of how we met’ starts in January 2012 with the AFC Divisional Playoff. New England had earned a spot for the second year in a row and Denver entered as the unlikeliest team in the Lombardi hunt. Rachel and three friends from college picked up last minute tickets to the game. By chance, another friend Mark also got two tickets to the game. To split parking costs and tailgate together, the suggestion was made to carpool as a group to the game. Mark had it covered…his buddy Jake, who was going to the game with him, could get his hands on the perfect car.

Saturday, January 14, 2012: Game Day. Our group of six piled into the borrowed Expedition and headed to Gillette Stadium. With temperatures hovering around 24- degrees, single digits with the wind chill; it was another bitterly cold New England game.  Beers were drunk and shots knocked back…and soon enough, shenanigans ensued.  Although the details of the night are fuzzy to most what’s not is the connection we had.

With him in Connecticut and Rachel in Boston, emails became the next ‘game’. One email a day became one email an hour became one email every five min. Then a few weeks later, we had our first ‘official’ date. Another date the week after that. Then two the week after that. And another. And another. Before a year had past, we knew one was not the same without the other.  463 days after meeting on that cold January night, we got engaged. We found in each other the love, strength, courage, and optimism that make each other whole.  So incredible, it’s unbelievable.

How did he propose?  On the morning of Saturday, April 20 Jake asked Rachel a question — “Would you like to take a drive?” 395 N to I-290 E … to 495 N … to US-3 … to I-293 N… to I-93 N… to NH-11 E – 2 ½ hours later they drove into Laconia, New Hampshire. As They pulled into a parking lot just off the center of town, Jake asked Rachel another question — “How about we take a walk?” Down a brick path, over a small bridge next to the old mechanics of the Belknam Mill –Jake knelt down and asked Rachel one final question— “Will you marry me?”

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Perseverance || Professional Photography

Running a business is hard.  Sometimes you just want to quit.  For whatever reason everything is overwhelming and you’re exhausted and you just want to throw in the towel and give up.  Everyone else is more successful, everyone else is better….feels like the world is stacked against you.  I have these moments.  Nothing like a to do list a mile long, none of your pants fitting, and feeling like you’re not good enough.  Perseverance.  It takes a stubborn and driven person to run a small business.  It also takes a few moments of thanking God for all the good things….for me it is my loving boyfriend Adam, my adorable kitty, my well meaning mother, my new business ventures, my wonderful clients, the gorgeous coast of Maine, the beautiful office I work in, mobile and always changing studio scenery (today was riding around on a golf cart) I am lucky.  I am so lucky.  Even with all of the bumps in the road, and all of the big dreams that have yet to come true.  Its worth it.  You just have to persevere.  Nobody is perfect, and there will be ups and downs….but boy oh boy am I lucky.  I love taking that shot at a wedding where you know you truly captured a moment or a personality.  I love being able to work from home.  I love that every photo-shoot is new and exciting.  So yes, today was a sad day where I missed my brother and my Dad and felt a bit overwhelmed with everything but tomorrow is a new one and I just wanted to take a minute to thank God for all that I have as well as let everyone know (as others have done on their blogs which helped me) that there will be set backs but if you remember to keep your head up and persevere it is amazing.  So have faith in the grander plan, and appreciate the little things.  After all it is the little things in life that matter.

Flye Point Brooklin Maine Wedding || Coastal Maine Wedding Photographers

What a spectacular place The Lookout in Brooklin, Maine is.  It is surrounded by the ocean and is true coastal Maine.  Marisela and Rich were married on an island off of the point that you can get to when the tide is out.  The beach is made up of pieces of shells, and the tide pools are amazing.  The flroals were done by Fairwinds Florals, her dress was a Nicole Miller, the hair and makeup by I Do spas, DJ was Jeff Rockwell, and the tent was rented from Wallace rentals.

How did you two meet?  We met at a post-graduate pharmacy residency program at a hospital in Worcester, MA.  We shared an office and spent a ton of time together.

How did he propose? It was a Monday in June and Rich asked me if I wanted to hang out after work. Of course I wanted to hang out after work! We went to Jamaica Pond near our apartment and rented a rowboat. It was hot and cloudy, and we brought books to read. We rowed around for a while until I told Rich I was getting hungry. I asked him if we could row back to shore and get food. Rich agreed, but first – he took a picture of us.  Then he pulled something out of his bag – a thick, red book. He said, ‘I went to the bookstore and got you this book.’ I opened the cover and the ring box was inside. Rich had carved a hole within the pages and hid it inside. At this point in the story, Rich said some incredibly sweet things and I cried. I didn’t open the ring box for quite some time because my reaction time had slowed significantly. After I finally opened the box, Rich put the ring on my finger and said, ‘I want you to be mine forever. Will you be my wife?’ It was very romantic. I said yes, and we kissed and hugged and the boat did not tip over. We walked home and I remember experiencing a feeling I’d never felt before – this pervasive version of happiness that left me speechless for a little while. We celebrated with champagne Rich had hidden in the fridge and watched the Boston Bruins lose the Stanley Cup Finals!

What is your favorite part of wedding planning?  Rich likes picking out the food and drinks. He is pretty excited about the lobster bake for the rehearsal, the roast pig, and the raw bar we’re going to have. And we’re both excited about milkshakes. I love picking out the music. I’m making a playlist with songs I haven’t heard in years and new songs I’ve never heard before. I created a spreadsheet and shared it online with my sisters so they could help pick out some songs too – I loved laughing at some of the songs they picked, either because they were awesome and had great taste or because there was no way in hell I was going to play that song at the wedding. We’re having a classical guitarist play at the ceremony and my little sister is a musician and will be performing at our as well; picking out songs for them to play was fun and emotional.

What is the most important to you about your wedding? Being with each other and having fun with all the special people that will be there.

What is your favorite thing about your fiancée?  Rich: Marisela is serious and driven at times, whimsical and silly at others. She brings balance to me and makes me laugh every day.  Marisela: Rich has this powerful and graceful skill of making me laugh even when I don’t want to. He brings positivity into my life and makes me notice how fun life can be. He also does two of the sexiest things ever: 1) chops firewood, 2) reads books

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