2017 Food Inspiration for your wedding

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One way to really showcase your personalities for your 2017 wedding is by choosing specialty foods.  Here is some wedding food inspiration for all the foodies out there!

  1. Late night snacks-Eating and drinking late into the night–being sure to feed your guests at all hours enables the party to continue.  Offering finger foods, or foodie inspired twists on comfort foods. tacos maine wedding food
  2. Plated desserts-This is so exciting–forget cake slices–think “foodie experience” you can do anything! bcf3d652a47f52df3ab4df5c14518c7e
  3. THC infused foods-as marijuana becomes legal in more and more states and is used more and more for relaxation and enjoyment there has been a rise in edibles.  Currently there is a trend for fancier foods and recipes being infused with THC. bongapmatzo
  4. Food trucks-there are so many wonderful options out there–tacos, cupcakes, doughnuts, corn dogs, pizza etc and it is an experience for all of the guests.  Fun to watch how it is prepared, nice to be able to order whatever you want, and just generally offer a fun wedding environment. 2015-01-04_0001
  5. Family style dinner-This really creates an atmosphere of connectedness.  It is a warm feeling, and it is filling.  Working with a cater that can produce beautiful and delicious family style meals really sets the mood for your wedding. 73_0aa88760bb0a6cc6b

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