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I am whimsical, romantic, and fun. I love everything vintage, coastal, and rustic. I am so fortunate to have the greatest job in the world -telling peoples stories and capturing love.


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5 Things Wedding Photographers Want To Tell You About Pinterest, but Cant

Pinterest is an amazing site–who doesn’t love using it?  It is visually stimulating–and it gets you inspired and excited about things.  It is a wedding Mecca….you can spend hours and hours admiring and pinning wedding images.  There are millions of them….truly a dangerous place for people who are engaged or people like me who LOVE… Read more »

Photographer Online Education Options

I don’t often write posts for other photographers….I generally prefer to write all about weddings.  Today I decided I wanted to put out there to others some of the great ways I have learned and gathered information on branding, marketing, photography, design, and business.  Learning more about building your photography business can be overwhelming but… Read more »