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I am whimsical, romantic, and fun. I love everything vintage, coastal, and rustic. I am so fortunate to have the greatest job in the world -telling peoples stories and capturing love.


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The Importance of Professional Wedding Photography

It often occurs to me that people do not understand why wedding photography is priced the way it is.  So I would like to take a minute to talk about it.  I understand that weddings are expensive and I understand that there are moments when sanity is questioned in paying for the wedding…but the ONLY… Read more »

Maine Wedding Photographer Photographic Style

I recently read a blog post by a pair of excellent wedding photographers on style.  I really enjoyed it and I got to thinking about myself and my own style.  I believe that style is something that constantly evolves, and I think it comes from viewing millions of things and then seeing things through your… Read more »

Photobooth Portland Maine

Fun Fun Fun!  My photobooth takes up about a 10×10 space and does not need someone to tend to it.  However it isn’t like the ones you see in arcades where you will get the pictures spit out at you.  You can see the pictures on the camera but they don’t print out.  There is… Read more »

Exciting Adventure of Wedding Planning!

Its a wonderful and exciting time of year!  If you are getting married this year or you are newly engaged you should come and enjoy the wedding overload this weekend at the Portland Maine Bridal Show!! It is so much fun, and there are going to be tons of wonderful wedding vendors there.  More importantly… Read more »

Wedding Camp Hammond, Yarmouth Maine

I really enjoyed this nontraditional wedding with Shannon and Warren!  They were so much fun.  It was a lovely night and she was a most beautiful bride.  Bridal Preperations were at Fabu on Commerical St. in Portland, Maine.  The wedding ceremony and reception were at Camp Hammond in Yarmouth, Maine.  It was catered by Black… Read more »

A Photo Movie Share

So I was shooting a model friend of mine and her mom came along to see what the craziness that I call shooting looks like…and she said I just had to see this movie!  So far I am loving the clips…when will I make it big enough where I can catch things on fire!  Vanity… Read more »

Maine Wedding Photographer-Happy New Year

2010!  What a wonderful year.  I am so excited to be beginning my third full time wedding season in 2011!  I just wanted to thank all of my clients and mentor’s who have helped me make my dreams a reality!  I have said it before and I will say it again I have the best… Read more »

Apple Dumplings

I had the pleasure of spending some time at an “informal” holiday party at one of my past brides and now good friends house 🙂  She made Apple Dumplings…but she renamed them “Patty Apples” because they were made with Mountain Dew and I drink tons of Mountain Dew.  I had to take some photos while… Read more »

Camden, Maine Wedding Album

This is the bridal album for Shaina and Dave.  They were married at the amphitheater across from Camden Harbor.  They had their reception at the WhiteHall Inn.    

Peacock Wedding Theme Lakeside In Maine

This was a wedding on a lake in central Maine.  It had a peacock theme, and the colors were blue and green.  It was beautifully done.  The groom arrived on a plane that landed in the lake where the ceremony site was.  It rained so the majority of the photos were taken in a gazebo…. Read more »

Bachelorette Party Ideas

After having recently had a Audrey Hepburn themed Little Black Dress party, it came to my attention that photo parties are fun and would make awesome bachelorette party ideas! Here are some suggestions: dance lesson for all of the girls (salsa, swing, sexy, belly etc.) tubing or white water rafting cooking class (fondant, sushi, cupcake… Read more »

My Hero’s

Hero’s change as you get older.  My forever heros will always be my mom and my dad.  My dad is a very talented architectural iron worker and my mom is the “go getter” 🙂 she works in sales. But this past week I had the HUGE honor and pleasure of being complimented by someone who… Read more »

Photo District News Convention, NYC

A while ago I posted my images from NYC but I didn’t talk much about what I was doing there.  I was there to visit “the floor” where major vendors display all their newest products and technology.  I was also there to listen to several seminars.  The first was done by one of my idols… Read more »

Timeless Wedding Images

Today I began thinking about what it means for a wedding image to truly be timeless.  For me being able to relive the moment through the photograph is what makes it timeless.  A photograph sort of steals a piece of time and lets you hold that moment in  your hand again and again.  My grandmother… Read more »

Wedding at Marriott Sable Oaks S. Portland Maine

What a beautiful October day in Maine 🙂  Angela’s sisters were both pregnant with their second kids and so blessed with such beautiful and fun first kids 🙂  I think my favorite part was when the kids both were given a dollar bill…and they told Gary that they got paid and that they were “headed… Read more »

Military Wedding Maine

What a wonderful group of people I met yesterday! The girls were so much fun, and the men were very knowledgeable about hunting (I quickly learned). Jim and Chelsea have a wonderful story, it seems Jim knew the first time he saw Chelsea that she was the girl for him. Her stories of what a… Read more »