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I am whimsical, romantic, and fun. I love everything vintage, coastal, and rustic. I am so fortunate to have the greatest job in the world -telling peoples stories and capturing love.


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Unplugged Weddings || Maine Wedding Photographer

Let’s think back a minute to a time before digital photography…a time when the only photos taken were in film. Remember attending weddings then? How many people were snapping photos? Generally the professional and then maybe one other family member who just LOVED photography. What about today—how many people are snapping pictures at weddings today?… Read more »

Must Have Wedding Photos || Maine Wedding Photographer

I want to share with you my must have wedding photos….the list is different for every family and every wedding as no two weddings are alike with their relationships and moments.  In answer to the question will I work with a wedding photography shot list—I like to tell people the list of photos in my… Read more »

Winter Wedding at Grace Restaurant in Portland, Maine

It was 7 degrees outside for this beautiful winter wedding at Grace Restaurant in Portland, Maine.  Luke and Kim are amazing people–they have hearts of gold and it was truly destiny that they ended up together.  With mutual friends and casual meetings over the course of many years the timing was finally right for them… Read more »

Destination Maine Wedding Venue Ideas || Lakeside Wedding Venues in Maine

Maine is a wonderful destination wedding location–it is a vacation haven for your guests and there are breathtaking landscapes.  Some great destination Maine wedding venue ideas are private estates, Bed and Breakfasts, Inn’s, lakeside wedding venues, coastal venues, barns, and summer camps.  Here are a list of the most photogenic Maine wedding venues. Private Estates,… Read more »

Wedding Photographer Questions || Maine Wedding Photography

There are some reoccurring questions that come up when chatting with engaged couples  It is wonderful when couples ask questions because they will be well informed in their wedding decisions.  Here are some questions to ask your wedding photographer and my answers too them 🙂 What are high resolution digital files? The term high resolution… Read more »

Engaged What’s Next? || How to choose a wedding venue

Congratulations–you’re engaged…what’s next?  It can be overwhelming when you begin to think about the wedding plans.  There are some things to keep in mind while planning: be sure to not always talk wedding while you’re together and to make sure to have fun and enjoy your engagement because time goes by fast and you’ll be… Read more »

Letterpress Wedding Invitations Coral Pheasant

If you want to set the tone for your Maine wedding hire Nichole the owner of Coral Pheasant….she is amazing at design and her letterpress products are incredible.  Not to mention she can do pretty much anything under the sun for types of printing and is truly talented at creating a whole experience around your… Read more »

CVC Maine Wedding Catering || Vendor Tour

Hiring CVC as your Maine wedding cater will be one of the best wedding choices you make-they are awesome!  The food is delicious, the service is top of the line, and they are just great people. 1. How did you get into the catering business? Unbelievable as it may sound totally by accident I guess. My… Read more »

Bei Capelli Wedding Hair and Makeup || Vendor Tour

I love going to get my hair blown out and styled at Bei Capelli.  In the last several years I have photographed many wedding parties getting their hair and makeup done at the Salon.  It is a relaxing experience and the photos turn out beautifully.  Here is just a bit about Lisa and the Bei… Read more »

Maine Wedding Band Wavelength || Vendor Tour

I cant say enough wonderful things about this Maine wedding band.  Wavelength does a wonderful job getting everyone dancing, they are professional and have a great sound!  Working with Wavelength is always a blast and I know I will have great dance photos.  I have known Johnna the woman behind the band for almost four… Read more »

Wedding Favor Ideas || Maine Wedding Photography

Here are some wedding favor ideas that your guests will love!  Make it your own and keep it seasonal or related to the wedding theme such as nautical wedding favors or rustic wedding favors.  People love things they can use, eat, or display. 1. hot sauce 2. Spices or rubs 3. Champagne wedding favors 4…. Read more »

Wedding Do’s and Wedding Don’ts || Wedding Advice

Some wedding day advice to keep everything flowing smoothly here are 15 wedding do’s and wedding do nots. 1.  Keep your family photos limited to the most necessary players.  Generally this is grandparents, parents, siblings, siblings spouses, and siblings children if applicable.  If you get into doing all the cousins and all the aunts and… Read more »

How to choose your wedding photographer

I was reading the magazine Brides and I saw a statistic that said “overwhelmingly the most difficult wedding vendor to choose for couples was their photographer”.  So I thought I would try to help by offering some advice when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer.  Since I am a photographer but I am not… Read more »