Cliff Island, Maine Wedding Photography

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Katrinka spent as much time as she could on Cliff Island as a kid only fitting that Cliff Island was the first place Brian told her he loved her.  The perfect place for their wedding on such a beautiful day!  Getting everything out to the Island was not an easy task and took many people helping to coordinate it.  A big thank you to Sara from Millennium in Newport, Maine for helping with all the details and the flow and to all of the friends and family who made this day possible!!



OMG! Katrinka, you couldn’t possibly be more beautiful! These photos really capture the essence of the day. We are all still talking about it and how much fun was had by all. So glad to have been a part of the first day of the rest of your life together 🙂 x0x0

Dad & Debbie

Katrinka & Brian,
Our hearts are bursting with joy for you; you both look so in love in the pictures. They really reflect your feelings for each other and Cliff Island. Yours was truly a fairy tale wedding! It was so wonderful to be on the island together with all of the family and friends! We’ll talk about this forever!


Amber Quint and Family

Congratulations on the big day!! The pictures are stunning!! We hope that you are enjoying married life so far.


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