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If you have ever been to the Eiffel Tower you know that it is generally bustling with life.  There are people everywhere….people selling tokens, food, and people taking pictures of the iconic scene.  Approximately 18,000 people visit everyday.  The trick to beautiful engagement photos in Paris, France is you have to get up when the sun rises which is before the coffee shops and street vendors open.  It is so quiet it it truly a wonderful experience–there is something so peaceful about Paris in the early morning.  The morning I photographed Amanda and Cole it was unseasonably cold for spring in Paris.  You could literally see our breath and practically hear Amanda’s teeth chatter. Of course after we finished up at the Eiffel we went to a nearby coffee shop and enjoyed breakfast and warmed up. These are some of my most favorite photographs.  I love how the red dress pops off of the stone steps.  I love the movement in the dress, and the connection between these two.  I love that these are all shot on film.  Engagement photos in Paris, France are a once in a lifetime opportunity that everyone who travels there should have the opportunity to do.






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