Kennebunk Maine Engagement Photos

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Do you have any pets?

Nathan is wicked excited to be adopting Forest, our 7 yr old rescue puppy. He’s a boxer and pit mix, and the perfect companion for our active lifestyle. He’s 35lb of snuggles, and adventure!


Favorite TV shows?

We are more the binge tv kinda people since we don’t have cable. When we did, I loved everything HGTV and DIY. I got lucky that Nathan also enjoys cooking shows like Top Chef and Chopped. We both really enjoy football on in the background on Sunday.


What are you two watching together currently?

We went right from House of Cards into Downton Abbey. We’re bummed that only a few episodes are left, but I’m excited to have free time after this addiction ends!


Favorite sweet treats?

Nathan has such a sweet tooth for all baked goods and ice cream. I think I’ve grown out of my sweet tooth from when I was a kid. But I’m still down for ice cream anytime! I just can’t resist salty snacks like popcorn or chips!



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