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This is the first in a series of blogs about Maine wedding ideas.  In this blog I am talking about using Maine to inspire what your wedding looks like.  Maine is full of beautiful lands and eclectic people that can inspire what your wedding looks like to your guests.  That will give the guests a true Maine experience and honestly millions of people travel here each year to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery and the Maine people.  Here are four ideas on how to decorate your Maine wedding.

1. Inspired by Maine’s hundreds of antique shops:

In Maine we have tons of antique spots with a whole assortment of wedding decoration goodies in them. You could use old glassware, old doors (often used as backdrops) old wooden crates, post cards, records, old wooden frames, old pieces of furniture etc.

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2. Nautical decorations inspired by Maine’s miles of working coast:

Lobster traps, buoys, and oars.  You can find sea glass, shells, and sand dollars along the coast of Maine that also are often used as decorations at Maine’s thousands of weddings each year.

Wooden lobster buoys hang on a wall in Stonington, Maine.

Wooden lobster buoys hang on a wall in Stonington, Maine.

3.  Prints:

You can use nautical prints (often people use Maine’s coastline maps), nature inspired prints (such as ferns, or clovers) or just art pieces that will help inspire and decorate your wedding. Newspapers, post cards, and old magazines. These can make awesome back drops, place cards, runners etc.


4. Rustic decor inspired by Maine summer camps, ice fishing huts, and log cabins in the woods:

Decor like barn board tables, homemade signs, and backdrops created from wood pieces, drift wood etc, birch bark candles etc.


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