Couture Model Shoot

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This was so much fun.  Makeup was done by Sheridan Cudworth, dress is made by BeBop Clothing found at Macy’s.  Laundry mat is in South Portland, Maine.

Lets first talk about why I had the idea of the laundry mat….The shoot began at 1:30pm for makeup.  By 4:00 pm we hit our first location.  It smelled like rotting fish.  The sun was setting fast and the pocket wizards only firing one light.  Thats how this image was captured.

maine model photographer

Then we lost light so we were just left with off camera lighting and we used the headlights on the car to fill so we could find our way in the dark….by the scary creaking trains.  Thats where we made these images….

portland maine

Then we decided to go for a wardrobe change and to warm up….but the car wouldn’t start 🙁 because we killed the battery.  LOL  So we called AAA.  While we waited for a jump while we were “off roading” it began to freezing rain.

south portland maine

So we went to get another light and as we drove onto the road that goes around back bay I saw a laundry mat…and said “how about a laundry mat”…..

Finally because it wasn’t going to stop raining the night ended in the studio with some traditional headshots….




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