New Kitty

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A few weeks ago Obie had to be put to sleep because his illness finally got to him and a blood clot went to his hind quarters paralyzing him.  This was Obie the night before he died.  I promised him “I would take care of his mom for him so it was ok if he passed away.”  I just knew it was his time.  🙁

The next day my roommate and I went to the shelter to take his medications and extra cat food in for donation.  We decided to look around as we both LOVE all animals, but we were just looking.  After a few minutes we were like well it wont hurt if we hold them, so we had to fill out some paperwork.  Finally after spending some time with “Steven” we decided we needed to go make a phone call to the people of reason….parents!  They said poor “Steven” needed a home and why not 🙂  That afternoon we adopted a year old kitty.  This was his unveiling 🙂  For two days he was just “kitty” and now his name is Oliver.

maine pet photographer kitty has a new home maine pet photographer

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