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I am whimsical, romantic, and fun. I love everything vintage, coastal, and rustic. I am so fortunate to have the greatest job in the world -telling peoples stories and capturing love.


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Wedding Mad Libs: Maine Wedding Photography

Wedding Mad Libs Perfect for use at the hotel or salon on wedding day J Be sure to use wedding words to make it more fun J Guide to finding the Perfect Husband Use these words that you write down to fill in the story below…. Article of clothing:____________________________________________________ Body part:_________________________________________________________________ Place:____________________________________________________________________ adjective:_____________________________________________________ verb:______________________________________________________________ verb:_______________________________________________________________… Read more »

Wedding Album Design: Maine Wedding Photography

This album was really fun to work on, there are so many wonderful moments in here!  The wedding reception was at the Marriott Sable Oaks in South Portland Maine.  They have a lovely lobby for photographs.  Truly a pleasure to get to know the Long Island side of the family 🙂  Also very excited to… Read more »

Portland Maine Wedding Photography

Click below where it says allison & josh Allison & Josh I am so excited about this Oct. 1st wedding.  These two are just so much fun to be around, and a great pair.  Josh did such an awesome job on being original with the engagement.  She had wanted to carve pumpkins for Halloween and… Read more »

Maine Maid of Honor: Maine Wedding Photography

Ok, so when I was a little girl I grew up dreaming of my best friend’s wedding.  That was only of course after we had made tons of money as big shot CEO’s.  While my best friend is a very successful engineer…we never imagined we would end up where we are now 🙂  Anyway her… Read more »

Wedding Albums: Maine Wedding Photography

No two wedding albums are alike.  I love making each page different.  On some pages I might leave a lot of white space for a clean simple look, on others I might fill it with dancing shots or details.  I often use an image in the background that is faded out and then lay images… Read more »

Wedding Favor Ideas: Maine Wedding Photographer

Wedding Favors:  GET CREATIVE! Cactus plant Antique cups, glasses, or milk bottles A street artist-so they can draw the guests Jelly or jam Donation instead of favors Decorative lollipops Starbucks gift card Cake pops from Starbucks Personalized drinks from a microbrewery Deck of cards Hot sauce A two dollar bill A pot with an herb… Read more »

What is your wedding style?

Wedding Quiz….What’s your Wedding Style? Answer the questions…keep track of how many 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s.  At the end your style will be determined based on which letter you answered the most.  If it is a tie, then you are a combination of the two 1.  Your house is filled with… knickknacks its pretty… Read more »

Wedding Ideas

If you want people to talk about your wedding, and rave about how much fun they had….do something different.  Something they will remember.  Here are some fun interactive ideas: Lawn Games like Frisbee, horse shoes, croquet, badminton, disc golf Balloon Rides Slide Shows Karaoke Board Games like Pictionary, Wedding Monopoly, and Trivia Have a house… Read more »

Wedding Guest Book or Sign In Ideas

Guest Book Ideas/Wedding Sign In Sea Glass (write a message on each piece and put it in a jar) Message in a bottle (get one large jar and have people write messages on paper roll them up and drop them in) Thumb Print Tree (have each person add their print to your tree as the… Read more »

What type of wedding should you have quiz

I use to love doing those Seventeen Magazine quizes with my friends….and since wedding planning feels a little like being a kid again I thought a quiz to decide what your best wedding type is would be a lot of fun 🙂  Since I am not a web designer it is going to have to… Read more »

Bachelorette Party Ideas Maine Wedding Photography

I was at a military wedding yesterday and the girls were chatting about fashion.  This lead to talking about the bachelorette party.  These girls had a blast downtown dressed up in ugly bridesmaid gowns 🙂  Think 27 dresses….we girls cant seem to resist dressing up…even if it is ridiculous (for example when we dress like… Read more »

Kivalo Photography joins the Maine Wedding Company

Kivalo Photography is excited about linking up with many other amazing wedding vendors on the Maine Wedding Company site!  Brides this is the place to be if you are planning a wedding in Maine!  There are awesome articles and beautiful photos!  Start planning today!  Kivalo Photography’s profile can be viewed here.  Stop by for a… Read more »

Portland Maine Engagement Photography Ideas

Engagement sessions….to me they are like a little date for the bride and the groom.  The more fun they are, and the more planning that goes into them the more unique and personalized the photos are.  Here is a list of some ideas for the engagement session.  Also when you two are involved in each… Read more »

Getting to know your wedding photographer

It is very important to communicate often with your wedding photographer, even if it is just a few lines.  We like to know that we can still reach our client, and our clients like to know we are still committed to them 🙂  It is also very important that you feel like if you met… Read more »

Award Winning Photography Maine

For these next few days and for the last couple of days I have been in Maine at the Maine Professional Photography Convention.  It is a lot of fun to get together with everyone and talk about photo things for hours on end!  Then of course there is print competition!  The biggest event of the… Read more »