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I am whimsical, romantic, and fun. I love everything vintage, coastal, and rustic. I am so fortunate to have the greatest job in the world -telling peoples stories and capturing love.


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Funny Cat Video

For any of you who love cats…watch these videos most of them are hilarious.  Since I have talked alot about my car Oliver…I thought I would share what my cat probably will do to my tree on Sunday 🙂 Santa Claws

Dashboard Confessional Concert

On Sunday night I had the pleasure of listening to several excellent musicians and for the first time ever saw my favorite singer perform 🙂  Chris Carrabba was incredible despite his cold.  He played not only his entire first album but many other songs from his other albums. I also really enjoyed a perfomance by… Read more »

Apple Dumplings

I had the pleasure of spending some time at an “informal” holiday party at one of my past brides and now good friends house 🙂  She made Apple Dumplings…but she renamed them “Patty Apples” because they were made with Mountain Dew and I drink tons of Mountain Dew.  I had to take some photos while… Read more »

Camden, Maine Wedding Album

This is the bridal album for Shaina and Dave.  They were married at the amphitheater across from Camden Harbor.  They had their reception at the WhiteHall Inn.    

Peacock Wedding Theme Lakeside In Maine

This was a wedding on a lake in central Maine.  It had a peacock theme, and the colors were blue and green.  It was beautifully done.  The groom arrived on a plane that landed in the lake where the ceremony site was.  It rained so the majority of the photos were taken in a gazebo…. Read more »

Thanksgiving Festivities

So I was going to blog this on thanksgiving day but it turns out that my parents really do live in the sticks and the internet is like non-existent.  It’s been a while since I have been home to my parents place.  It was so nice to see my dad.  Mom and I went to… Read more »

New Kitty

A few weeks ago Obie had to be put to sleep because his illness finally got to him and a blood clot went to his hind quarters paralyzing him.  This was Obie the night before he died.  I promised him “I would take care of his mom for him so it was ok if he passed… Read more »

Bachelorette Party Ideas

After having recently had a Audrey Hepburn themed Little Black Dress party, it came to my attention that photo parties are fun and would make awesome bachelorette party ideas! Here are some suggestions: dance lesson for all of the girls (salsa, swing, sexy, belly etc.) tubing or white water rafting cooking class (fondant, sushi, cupcake… Read more »

My Hero’s

Hero’s change as you get older.  My forever heros will always be my mom and my dad.  My dad is a very talented architectural iron worker and my mom is the “go getter” 🙂 she works in sales. But this past week I had the HUGE honor and pleasure of being complimented by someone who… Read more »

Seth Wescott Boy Scout Event

  I had the pleasure of working along side a close colleague of mine at an event for the Boy Scouts of America.  The Pine Tree Council raised 200,000.00 this year and honored the president of Norway Savings Bank who was a wonderful man with excellent family values. The keynote speaker was Seth Wescott!  (swoon)… Read more »

Photo District News Convention, NYC

A while ago I posted my images from NYC but I didn’t talk much about what I was doing there.  I was there to visit “the floor” where major vendors display all their newest products and technology.  I was also there to listen to several seminars.  The first was done by one of my idols… Read more »

Couture Model Shoot

This was so much fun.  Makeup was done by Sheridan Cudworth, dress is made by BeBop Clothing found at Macy’s.  Laundry mat is in South Portland, Maine. Lets first talk about why I had the idea of the laundry mat….The shoot began at 1:30pm for makeup.  By 4:00 pm we hit our first location.  It… Read more »

Timeless Wedding Images

Today I began thinking about what it means for a wedding image to truly be timeless.  For me being able to relive the moment through the photograph is what makes it timeless.  A photograph sort of steals a piece of time and lets you hold that moment in  your hand again and again.  My grandmother… Read more »

The Progression of Life

This post goes out to Rachel & Matt and Nykki & Mike!  Two of the best brides and grooms with the most wonderful love for each other.  They are expecting!  Both honeymoon babies!  It was truly my pleasure to have come across such wonderful people and I simply cant wait to photograph their little bellies… Read more »


After a wonderful wedding season I took a break and spent a couple of days in New York City.  I attended the PDN photographers convention.  It was the first time I had seen NYC in the morning during the week when everyone was off to work.  There is certainly no other place quite like it… Read more »

Wedding at Marriott Sable Oaks S. Portland Maine

What a beautiful October day in Maine 🙂  Angela’s sisters were both pregnant with their second kids and so blessed with such beautiful and fun first kids 🙂  I think my favorite part was when the kids both were given a dollar bill…and they told Gary that they got paid and that they were “headed… Read more »