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I am whimsical, romantic, and fun. I love everything vintage, coastal, and rustic. I am so fortunate to have the greatest job in the world -telling peoples stories and capturing love.


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Maine Wedding Photographer Travels to Texas

Wow, what a wonderful week in San Antonio Texas.  So much education and inspiration.  Not to mention warm weather!  Today its back to the snow 🙁  Snow wouldn’t be so bad if I could photograph models in it and not have to worry about loosing limbs 🙂  I traveled with my friend Stacia who owns… Read more »

Portland Maine Goes to TX!

I will talk more about this trip when I return…but in the mean time I just wanted to tell everyone where I am!  I am in TX finding out if Bigger is really Better and what cowboys and boots are about!  So excited to be attending a photo nerd conference called imaging put on by… Read more »

Portland Maine Photographer Cooks Hungarian

Hey everyone 🙂 One of the things I would like to do this year is to really show WHY my name is Kivalo.  It is a Hungarian word and I am a first generation American.  So today I wanted to give you a taste of my heritage 🙂  Lets cook! Ok…one of my favorite things… Read more »

Maine Photography Coalition Meeting

The other night I had such a wonderful time and want to extend a HUGE thank you to Michelle Turner (whose work I think is truly amazing and I hope to be that incredible in the future) and Stacy Kane for opening up her beautiful studio and being such an awesome bag mentor!  First of… Read more »

Portland Maine Wedding Photography Show Thank you

What a wonderful weekend.  It is so exciting to have a room full of brides to be.  Each wedding unique and crafted to fit the personality of each bride.  Joan and her team at the Maine Wedding Association did another wonderful job with the Portland Maine Bridal show.  A huge thank you to the best… Read more »

The Importance of Professional Wedding Photography

It often occurs to me that people do not understand why wedding photography is priced the way it is.  So I would like to take a minute to talk about it.  I understand that weddings are expensive and I understand that there are moments when sanity is questioned in paying for the wedding…but the ONLY… Read more »

Maine Wedding Photographer Photographic Style

I recently read a blog post by a pair of excellent wedding photographers on style.  I really enjoyed it and I got to thinking about myself and my own style.  I believe that style is something that constantly evolves, and I think it comes from viewing millions of things and then seeing things through your… Read more »

Photobooth Portland Maine

Fun Fun Fun!  My photobooth takes up about a 10×10 space and does not need someone to tend to it.  However it isn’t like the ones you see in arcades where you will get the pictures spit out at you.  You can see the pictures on the camera but they don’t print out.  There is… Read more »

Exciting Adventure of Wedding Planning!

Its a wonderful and exciting time of year!  If you are getting married this year or you are newly engaged you should come and enjoy the wedding overload this weekend at the Portland Maine Bridal Show!! It is so much fun, and there are going to be tons of wonderful wedding vendors there.  More importantly… Read more »

Fine Art Portland Maine

On Sunday I took some time to work on a creative project of my own.  I photographed still life for the first time.  I hope you enjoy the results.  I am thinking about submitting them to competition.  

Wedding Camp Hammond, Yarmouth Maine

I really enjoyed this nontraditional wedding with Shannon and Warren!  They were so much fun.  It was a lovely night and she was a most beautiful bride.  Bridal Preperations were at Fabu on Commerical St. in Portland, Maine.  The wedding ceremony and reception were at Camp Hammond in Yarmouth, Maine.  It was catered by Black… Read more »

Portland Maine Model Couture Shoot

What a wonderful way to spend an evening.  I love photographing knowing I can use it as creatively as I want.  I have TONS more to learn about fashion though and the industry but really enjoy these couture sessions.  

A Photo Movie Share

So I was shooting a model friend of mine and her mom came along to see what the craziness that I call shooting looks like…and she said I just had to see this movie!  So far I am loving the clips…when will I make it big enough where I can catch things on fire!  Vanity… Read more »

Maine Wedding Photographer-Happy New Year

2010!  What a wonderful year.  I am so excited to be beginning my third full time wedding season in 2011!  I just wanted to thank all of my clients and mentor’s who have helped me make my dreams a reality!  I have said it before and I will say it again I have the best… Read more »

Funny Cat Video

For any of you who love cats…watch these videos most of them are hilarious.  Since I have talked alot about my car Oliver…I thought I would share what my cat probably will do to my tree on Sunday 🙂 Santa Claws

Dashboard Confessional Concert

On Sunday night I had the pleasure of listening to several excellent musicians and for the first time ever saw my favorite singer perform 🙂  Chris Carrabba was incredible despite his cold.  He played not only his entire first album but many other songs from his other albums. I also really enjoyed a perfomance by… Read more »

Apple Dumplings

I had the pleasure of spending some time at an “informal” holiday party at one of my past brides and now good friends house 🙂  She made Apple Dumplings…but she renamed them “Patty Apples” because they were made with Mountain Dew and I drink tons of Mountain Dew.  I had to take some photos while… Read more »