Tented Cumberland Maine Wedding

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Heather and Tim had a wonderful tented Cumberland Maine wedding in their backyard.  It was well planned and executed.  Even though it was very crisp with a deep chill in the air everyone had a wonderful time.  They spent time chatting around heaters, dancing, and eating delicious food. These two are seriously an awesome match–they like the same things and love each other exactly as they are which is more than anyone could ask for in life.

What was the proposal like?  “It was amazing! Tim had the ring apparently for several weeks and at first didn’t know how he was going to propose. We took a trip to Austin, TX for a friend’s wedding and it was there that Tim decided to propose while we were walking through the botanical gardens of Austin. As we were walking across some stepping stones in the middle of a koi pond, Tim stopped and said he thought he saw something in the water. I stopped behind him and he bent down like he was going to pluck something out of the water. When he turned around, he was on one knee and had the ring in his hand! From all the excitement, neither of us really remember what we said to each other but we were lucky enough to get the whole thing captured by our friends and their cameras, since we had gone to the botanical gardens with several friends also visiting to the wedding.”

Favorite Restaurant for Date night:  Gather in Yarmouth

Met: Novare Res in Portland. From that night on, they were inseparable


Catering: 111 Maine  ||  Hair & Makeup: Bei Capelli  ||  Florals: Little River Flower Farm  ||  Planner: Purple Orchid Events

Stationary: DIY  ||  Desserts: Homemade  ||  Band: Four Bridges



Val Robertson

Absolutely beautiful Heather!! Just like you are!! So happy for you. Congrats to both you and Tim!! Hugs!

Tony DeRosa

Absolutely beautiful pictures, you both look awesome. Thank you for sharing your day with Lorraine and Me. I really feel you made us feel a part of your very special day, and I have to say both of you did an unbelievable job in the preparation of the “venue”. We talked about what a great time we had, pointing out moment after moment all the way home. Tim, I am practicing for new years eve!!! Love you both, Tony and Lorraine

Ami Lockett

Congratulations to you both! What a beautiful celebration of love, Ms Heather! I wish you guys many more years of loving one another.


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