January 18, 2016

2016 Maine Wedding Trends and Ideas

2016 Maine Wedding trends and ideas are often classic and come from local inspirations.  While Maine tends to lend itself to some classic wedding trends that never go out of style it does still have people getting married from all parts of the country who bring with them more/new wedding trends.  In this post I am going to talk about where I think some of the wedding trends come from (where you can look to be inspired for your own wedding) and what I think will be the biggest 2016 wedding trends.

First lets talk about the timeless Maine wedding trends that will continue to be popular in 2016:

Nautical: The coast of Maine is one of the most visited places in the world.  We have miles of beautiful coastline that lends itself to gorgeous imagery.  It also inspires the traditional preppy feel at weddings with the use of navy, stripes, red accents, and pearls.


Rustic Elegance: Arguably people come to Maine partly for the relaxed feeling…we are vacationland after all.  Part of the reason we have the relaxed feel is because Maine is such a large beautiful state it doesn’t have a ton of people per mile in comparison to other places in the country.  This allows for tons of open land, rolling hills, beautiful forests, and of course working coastline.  The working landscape (lobstermen, lumberjacks, and farmers) have inspired many weddings.  Weddings bring so much beauty to the barns in Maine, the summer camps, and cabins!  These venues create this rustic feeling but are so beautiful with a bit of wedding elegance you have just a gorgeous and fun environment for your family and friends.


Now let me talk a bit about where I think wedding trends come from.  They are obviously not limited to this but I think the inspiration for wedding trends come from fashion, media, movies, and trending cultures.  Here are some examples:

Wedding Magazines: The magazines are showing some of the most beautiful products, weddings, and gowns for every season.  It is for sure a resource for planning your wedding and defiantly sets trends in the industry.

Movies with Weddings: (Big Fat Greek Wedding II (2016), Best Man Wedding (2016), Wedding Ringer (2105), Wedding Crashers (2005)  Often wedding decor or fashion trends can begin with a movie.

Culture: Indian Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Tea Ceremonies etc.  These cultures continue to inspire wedding experiences, wedding decor, colors, and wedding day timelines.  It is awesome to see people incorporate their culture or a cultural trend that they love into their 2016 wedding.

Celebrity Weddings: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (Secret Garden Wedding) Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick (4th of July Wedding)  These weddings are always over the top and dreamy.  They are etched into little girls minds everywhere.  They are the best of decor, florals, dresses, and food.  Who wouldn’t want to take some inspiration for their 2016 wedding from the celebs.


Above and beyond the wedding trends of the year you should really hone in on the two of you and make your wedding your own.  Make it unique to the two of you….you can do this by accentuating your hobbies, how you met, what you do for work, family history, or just keeping it real to what you guys like/believe in. (food, music, fun, beer/wine etc)  Maybe it is that the wedding is in Maine but you have a really great memory or experience together from a trip you took to London so you might try to bring in a little bit of London.  Something the 2016 brides and grooms are doing is really trying to make the wedding a fun memorable experience for their guests and keep it contemporary.

2016 Maine Wedding Trends:

Beer–Maine has quickly become one of the must go to states if you are a beer fan.  We have some of the best breweries in the Nation and they are producing some of the leading beers worldwide.


Romance–(best done with lighting as it is a feeling not an object) soft colors, use of fabrics in decor, an ambiance that can be portrayed through lighting the ceremony and reception space well.


Ballerina bun–a great timeless hair style that will be seen in 2016


Retro Groom–velvet jackets, vintage pocket watches, tails, tweed, plaid, cravats, hats, and brogues.  I love all of these looks–and I love photographing grooms who take their style and make it their own.  Break the rules and wear what you want but keep it classy in 2016.


Textured Cakes–(butter cream and painted) Simplicity is the name of the game with these cakes.  Hand painting offers opens up a new world in the way of decorating your cake in 2016.


Drone Photo & Video–capturing some amazing ariel photo and video to showcase the venue is the trend in 2016

Metallic–(copper, gold, rose gold) Continuing to be popular in 2016 you will see sequins, rose gold, and metallics as runners, accents, and color schemes.


Greenery–(eucalyptus, ivy, grasses, ferns, dusty miller, willow, and olive)  This simple and often cheaper look can be gorgeous if made full and accented properly.


Separates & patterns–For 2016’s bridesmaid dresses.  Loving stripes, and florals, long flowing skirts with mismatched tops.


Exotic Honeymoons–Think Thailand, an African safari, Peru, Patagonia, Iceland, Belize, India, Madagascar, Vietnam.

Floral Lace Overlays, V-Neck’s, Grey Dresses, and Short Dresses–These are this years trending bridal gowns.


Fabulous shoes: You will see brides getting creative about their shoes  Things like suede, ankle boots, and converse, and vans.


Accessories–Things like large brimmed hats, unique jackets, and costume jewelry.


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