December 29, 2016

2017 Wedding Ideas

Your wedding should be enjoyable, fun, and happy.  I hope these ideas will inspire you create a wedding that represents the two of you and will provide a memorable experience for a lifetime.

  1. Jumpsuits-Two Birds is making a gorgeous adjustable jumpsuit that would be a fun and comfortable alternative to bridesmaid dressesscreen-shot-2016-12-29-at-2-43-40-pm
  2. No bridal party-This doesn’t mean that you cant interact and enjoy time with your friends on your wedding day or before.  This just means they don’t have to wear the same thing, or have scheduled duties like walking down the isle.  You can still get ready with your friends and take photos during cocktail hour with your “besties” it is just a much more relaxed atmosphere. chateau-wedding-france_0057
  3. Destination weddings-Since planning is often done online why not travel someplace amazing for your wedding?  Even if you want to invite 100 plus people to your wedding–you can still find affordable amazing locations that will provide the experience of a lifetime for your wedding.  Whether you choose someplace that is close to your hearts, or adventure to somewhere completely new it will be the greatest investment and adventure.  paris-france-engagement-photos_0061
  4. Making a weekend of it-it is becoming more and more common to engage with your family and friends over the course of a whole weekend instead of just one day.  People tend to be traveling from all over to get together to celebrate your marriage and it is often that you do not get to see everyone regularly, so it is important to get as much time with them as possible. sebasco-harbor-resort-maine-wedding-photographer_0029
  5. Colored engagement rings-Think outside of the box–emeralds, rubies, sapphires galore!  Create something that you want to wear that is unique to you.  A statement piece! be5d530c969132cf73bf20dbba4916db
  6. Creative entertainment-Live bands, Fire eaters, acrobats, live painting, lawn games, fireworks displays etc.  Going the extra mile to give your guests something to talk about. newagen-seaside-inn-wedding_0006
  7. Local specialties-When you plan a destination wedding be sure to use the local activities, foods, and cultural elements to create the experience for your guests.  That way they get to do more than just attend a wedding in the location–they get to actually enjoy the trip. wedding-trends-2016
  8. Whimsical fairytale-We are not talking crowns or castles here but we are talking creating your own romantic story.  Using your dress, and your wedding photos to represent this whimsical personal fairytale. paris-france-anniversary-photos_0017
  9. Useful escort cards-Creating a custom piece like a handmade iron hook, or a take home glass allowing the invitation designers to create a paper piece to match. wedding-trends-2016
  10. Donations as favors-this is really a wonderful way to give back to the community or a cause you feel strongly about.  People respect this and it is environmentally friendly. e359af8472be43760994f6ef90d1f63a
  11. Honeymoon and wedding album gifts-Letting your guests help by contributing to your wedding album find, or honeymoon fund.  You can use companies like Honeymoon Wishes, or Zola.  You can also talk to your wedding photographer about setting something up so people can gift you through them.  img_4434
  12. White bridesmaid dresses– neutrals have been big for a while but putting everyone in white is new!  Look back on Pippa and Kate Middleton–it was classy and elegant! all_white_bridesmaids_2
  13. Distressed foil invitations-Metallics are still in, using them in your wedding invitations is a unique and flashy idea. bz8a7357-edit
  14. Rubriks cube wedding favors other childhood toys-what is more fun than an interactive wedding favor? Especially one that is a throw back to your childhoods article-2581720-01e415ec000004b0-109_634x450
  1. Phil Bourne

    February 2nd, 2017 at 8:13 am

    Wow, this wedding is just amazing! Beautiful imagery, congratulation!

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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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