January 1, 2019

2019 Wedding Trends

The 2019 wedding trends encourage smaller simple weddings with statement pieces.  They also encourage a more traditional ballroom resurgence.  Couples should embrace what traditions they want too if they want too and continue to make their weddings as unique and individual to their relationships.  The more they make it their own the more memorable and special event will be.

1. Bespoke Attire

Custom patterns, cool and unusual buttons, family crests, linen, silks, textures, ruffles, tweed, embroidery. Custom patches, velvet, and stripes. Uniquely created for you and your multiple piece suit or attire! Check out David Wood for a tailored look here in Maine!

red pants and custom suit coat bespoke wedding attire
Groom wearing red pants and skinny pink wool tie

2. Edgy & Colorful

We have seen tons of beautiful weddings with great neutral palettes but this year we are expecting to see lots of Burgundy, turquoise, emerald, shades of purple, with lots of greenery. Connect with one of our amazing Maine wedding planners to choose the perfect combination for you!

colorful wedding florals 2019 wedding trend
Pops of color in these classic nautical centerpieces

3. Private Vows

Couples are often choosing to elope and then have a party, so their vows are exchanged with just the officiant and a witness. Another trend is that couples are choosing to do their vows privately before the ceremony just with the two of them (and maybe me to catch it on film) 🙂 Then they do a more traditional ceremony with the repeat after me kind of vows in front of a large group of friends and family.

Private vows a 2019 wedding trend
cherished secret moments

4. Custom Lighting

Please check out the incredible Griffin & Griffin to see the newest bespoke lighting trends and options! These guys can do anything! They will transform your space into magic! Some things to consider for this year are lanterns, neon, and chandelier installations!

Modern custom ball lights for this black tie industrial wedding
Modern chic lighting at Brick South a renovated mill building!

5. Custom Candles

Signature scents for a one of a kind occasion! Not only are candles a mood setter and generally just make atmospheres feel at home they are awesome gifts! 2019 wedding trend is to have a signature wedding scent!

2019 wedding trend custom scents by way of candles
custom candles for your 2019 wedding

6. Gin!

Ok, so I might be a bit partial on this one because Friday nights in the winter my best girlfriends and I do gin. Now let me be clear, I don’t really care for traditional gin….the I am drinking a Christmas tree kin of gin….but the new world gin from Round Turn Distilling called Bimini gin that stuff is gold! You can make the most amazing drinks with it! I myself love making a cider one…but when I go to the location I prefer to drink summer in a cup! (its called the Saturn but it takes like the Caribbean) Trust me this gin is a must do cocktail for your wedding!

2019 wedding cocktails made with gin
Bimini Cider Gin Cocktail

7. Out of the box venues

Think non-traditional with a traditional ceremony twist! You can choose something amazing and experiential like a renovated mill building, greenhouse, or brewery have private vows and then do the regular ceremony. (or you could hire Maria from A Sweet Start and have it all because her ceremonies are completely customized and truly amazing) Any way to see a list of out of the box Maine wedding venues check this blog out!

industrial mill buildings are the biggest wedding trend in 2019
Mill building wedding

8. Back to the traditional

I know it sounds like a catch 22 I talk about all this out of the box stuff and customization but another trend for 2019 inspired by the royal wedding this last year is a return to the classic. Back to the traditional ballroom and sleek minimal look. Back to the black tie timeless but not stuffy wedding. There is a big push for gorgeous simplified wedding gowns like Meghan Markle wore.

minimalist sleek sophisticated wedding dresses are a 2019 trend

9. Amazing Cakes

Statement cakes….that is really all there is to say. If you can dream it up Jaime from Autumn Nomad Cakes can create it. She is truly as talented as any you have ever seen!

Statement cakes are a 2019 wedding trend

10. Experience

Many Maine weddings are destination weddings….you have friends and family traveling in from all over the country and sometimes the world. When people spend the time and money to come and celebrate your relationship it is wonderful for them to have an experience they will remember. Many people fall in love with Maine when they come and it is just icing on the cake if you can give them something interesting and unique to do during cocktail hour or throughout the wedding weekend. Consider things like favors you can use (candles, cigars), a Caricature Artist to draw pics of your guests, or even a palm or tarot reader. Just something to do and to be a good conversational starter.

give your guests something fun to do at your 2019 wedding

11. Wearing more florals

Wearing floral necklaces, bracelets, and hair pieces is increasingly becoming more popular.

wearable floral necklaces and headpieces

12. Incredible Invitations

These set the tone for the entire event. How many of you have gotten a wonderful invitation and been so excited to go because it looks and sounds so fun? This year the trends are custom illustrations, having a surprise or treat inside, and information. Here in Maine we are incredibly lucky to have the super talented Jen from The Chatty Press. Her work is totally fresh and hand done from the ground up. If you want original off the wall and incredible you have to hire her!

amazing wedding invitations with custom illustrations are a 2019 wedding trend

13. Personal Place Cards

How much did you love getting those Christmas cards over the holidays? I adore it when I get a personal note in the mail, it is just such a happy thing! In thinking about your closest friends and family and how much they mean to you imagine if when they sit down they get a little bit of that personal mail right at their table?! Obviously, this is work on your part but do one a day for a month….if you have handwriting like me you might just need to type what you want to say and have your professional designer do them. I would recommend someone amazing at calligraphy like Helen from Letter & Adore!

Try out personalized notes as place cards for your wedding guests in 2019
maybe this isn’t what you say to each guest but you get the idea 🙂

14. Tiaras

So I can not believe I am writing this on my blog as I am not a big fan of this. However, I think it can be done in a very subdued and romantic way much like you would see in Downton Abbey. That I can get into. This trend is inspired however by the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry. You can see some beautiful wedding tiaras here.

Tiaras inspired by this years royal wedding will be a beautiful wedding style in 2019

15. Mix and Match Groomsmen attire

Not matchy-matchy, the 2019 wedding trend for groomsmen is following the bridesmaid trends in recent years of having a shade or a palette these guys will be dapper in a variety of designs and suit types.

mix up the groomsmen attire allowing different textures and shades just as bridesmaids have been doing for years

16. Flower & Balloon Backdrops

These often make wonderful photo walls, or backdrops for cakes, sweetheart tables etc. They are statement pieces and can be designed any way you want!

statement floral and balloon backdrops are a popular 2019 wedding trend

17. Alternative Wedding Rings

Think colored stones and non-traditional settings for wedding rings in 2019!

Alternative wedding rings are a 2019 trend

18. Grooms Girls and Brides Men

Wearing dress suits for women, or jumpers are becoming more common as people have friends of all sexes and want them to be a part of their wedding party. Expand your thoughts of what a bridal party should look like in 2019 wedding trends.

having a wedding party with all of your friends no matter what sex they are

19. Bringing the outside in

Using large pieces of foliage, trees, and actually planted plants such as trees, palms, ferns, and elephants ear plants to bring the outside in for a beautiful reception and ceremony environment. I have seen some of the most beautiful weddings by using a variety of evergreen trees. It is most festive at Christmas but works anytime of the year depending on your other decor.

bringing the outside in using large pieces of trees and plants to decorate your 2019 wedding

I am very excited about some of these new wedding trends in 2019! I can not wait to see what my brides choose.

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