March 8, 2019

6 Tips to Nailing Your Wedding Photos

relaxed wedding photos

Not photogenic?  Nervous about your wedding day pics?  Worried you won’t love them?  Here are some tips to nail your wedding photos. Want wedding photos that don’t suck….hire someone who makes you feel comfortable and guides you into the best poses.

nailing your wedding photos

1. Hair and Makeup

Have it professionally done.  Please do a trial.  Please take photos of yourself and or do your engagement photos when you do the trial.  Be honest with the hair and makeup artists.  If you do not like something have them change it.  They are not mind readers.  Do not fake it.  Do not assume you can fix it yourself.  Make the changes if needed ASAP.  Your hair and makeup are in every photo of you on your wedding day.

natural wedding photos

2. Be relaxed

You have to let go on your wedding day.  You should always be yourself when you are with your other half anyway so just be yourself.  The best photos will be the ones where you are truly smiling.  No resting bitch face on wedding day. Trust your wedding photographer will ask you to do things that make for great natural looking photos.

sweet wedding photos

3. Interact with each other–not the camera

Snuggle up to each other in the most comfortable way!  Pull him in for a longer more intimate kill than usual.  Forget the camera is there and just laugh with each other.  Genuine moments are the best ones. 

maine wedding photos

4. Be open to photos with movement

When the photographer asks you to walk a few steps ahead—look back and smile have faith that it will be beautiful.  Do not talk through the photos—you can talk to make each other laugh but no conversations about logistics.  More forehead kisses and bear hugs. 

romantic wedding photos

5. Make sure your dress fits

emotional wedding photos

Choose a dress that emphasizes your best features and one that covers things you do not like.  If you are sensitive about your arms make sure your dress has a cover up or sleeves.  If you do not like your chest exposed do not get a strapless dress etc.  Be sure you can move freely in it and climb rocks if necessary.  Choose the one that you feel the most confident in and take pictures at least with your cell phone at the dress shop.  Again, this dress and how it fits will be in every photo.

beautiful wedding photos

6. Don’t overthink it

The very best way to nail your wedding photos is too not over think it. The more you think about things the less organic it will be and the less natural the less you will like it.  Try to just lean in and enjoy every cuddly moment with your new husband.  Being yourselves in photos is the most important thing.  Even if he is dorky—that’s one of the things you love about him so just let it be natural and fun.

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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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