February 22, 2019

7 things to tell your wedding photographer

I have been a wedding photographer for over 10 years and I have not yet written a post like this. I got to thinking I try to help you make your day easier by providing advice and timelines….but here are the things that will make my job easier. 7 things you should tell your wedding photographer so that we can have a leg up on making your images exactly what you want them to be.

portraits on the rocks on Peaks Island
Inn on Peaks Island Wedding

1. The highs and lows of wedding planning

  • did you end up settling for a venue that wasn’t your first choice? what about the venue do you dislike and what do you like?
  • are you super excited about the town or location? is there something sentimental about it?
  • at your hair and makeup trial was there something you wanted to change? (yes, I can help communicate that on your wedding day)
  • are there particular guests you are most excited to see?
family wedding moment
family photo moment

2. Family dynamics

  • yes, I would like a list of everyone in your family including their names IE: Older sister-Justine Bell
  • ANY family drama that might exist between anyone
  • special needs of any family member (someone in a wheel chair, someone who hates sun, someone who hates photos)
  • I provide you with a basic list–please let me know if there are any you DO NOT want to take on the list
indoor industrial wedding portrait
modern industrial indoor wedding portraits

3. Photo Lists

  • what images have caught your eye while planning and then WHY you like them? I could like an image for a completely different reason….maybe I think you want to look like the couple in the photo but for you it is the setting sun, or the dress she is wearing that makes you like it
  • yes, I want a list of important photos but I don’t need to be told to capture you walking down the aisle. What I do need to know is if you want grandma’s reaction to you walking down the aisle.
birch cake and woodsy wedding picture
woody wedding images with birch cake

4. Expectations

  • Let’s be open and honest about your wedding day expectations…I am NOT A MIND READER! If there are events, details, photos that you want you to have to communicate that to me. While I do my very best at every wedding to capture absolutely everything I am not in your head so maybe I have not given enough attention to a particular time or event
  • what do you like and dislike about yourself in photos…I see you like everyone else does — totally beautiful and radiant. When you get your photos if you are critical of something and I do not know it…how would I know to try and minimize those things? We are the only ones who see anything other than beautiful.
  • I can not make magic in photoshop. I will be working with your actual wedding not the royal wedding…so please be excited about YOUR wedding and YOUR relationship and YOUR images….because they are amazing.
bridal party photo at camp wedding
Bridal party picture at a Camp Wedding

5. Why you hired me

  • the good, the bad, and the ugly…if you hired me because I was in your budget please be honest, if you hired me because of one image on my website tell me, if you loved my about me page let me know….it will help me serve you if I know what the reasons are behind hiring me 🙂
bridal jewelry and brides mom helping with her dress
Brides mom helping her with the dress

6. Hand made details

  • let me know what you/your family/friends spent hours making for the wedding
  • let me know what details you are the most excited about
  • let me know if you HATE details and do not care at all about them 🙂
hardy farm wedding portrait
Hardy Farm Wedding

7. Any surprises or special events

  • are you doing a choreographed dance (is there a big dip at the end that you WANT me to capture?)
  • is there a surprise for the groom? is there a special cake?
  • is there anything that the guests would not expect (so that I can be ready to capture their reactions)
  • do you want me to photograph you signing the license or any other event that I might miss?

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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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