June 20, 2013

Barn at Walnut Hill Wedding || Maine Wedding Photographer

As I pulled up to the venue my bride was out enjoying a walk around the Barn at Walnut Hill grounds with her at the time soon to be husband–the birds were chirping, the air fresh, and the weather absolutely beautiful.  This was their day–and they are perfect for each other.  When Alex came into Dani’s life the world stopped spinning–he swept in and became “Padre” to her gorgeous and amazing little girl and he just brought a new passion and joy to her life.  It was a pleasure to be a part of this wedding day–and I am so looking forward to more time with them and their family in the future 🙂

Dani said that what she wanted the most from her wedding day was “to have no worries on my wedding day and have the time of my life. She wanted to enjoy every moment of the day and night with my friends and family and draw every ounce of fun out of it that she could. She did not want to look back on the day and think…that was a blur, I didn’t have time to talk to anyone or do anything!”  I believe she was able to do just that but I am sure it still went by too fast.

Dani said one of her favorite parts of the wedding planning was “putting my invitations together has been my favorite part. I ordered all the paper from cardsandpockets.com, designed the invitations myself on the computer and got them printed. One of my bridesmaids addressed them in a very eclectic style and I couldn’t be more happy with how they turned out!”
These two met online believe it or not–it was just perfect timing in their lives and they were the perfect match.  This is the proposal story told by the bride 🙂

“The proposal happened on a Monday night. My mom mentioned a few days before that she wanted to take our daughter to see my Memere (my grandmother) Monday night around 6:30.  I thought it was a bit strange that my mom would take her so late, since bedtime routine starts around 7, but oh well- she insisted. Monday morning, my Dad called me to says that he was home from Boston (where is works during the week) to take some clients out to dinner. He said he was supposed to meet his girlfriend down at the beach after for a fire with friends. He didn’t want to have two cars down at the beach so he asked me to give him a ride around 8:30. Right after this phone call, Alex (my fiancé) texted me and said that he would like to take me down to OOB to get pier fries. Meanwhile, my mother is texting me asking about Maya (our daughter), my dad can’t tell me when he needs a ride for sure, Alex can’t tell me when we will be in OOB and for how long…. Everyone was texting me pulling me in 10 different directions and I was thinking to myself: “Why is everyone being so confusing? Something is going on…..”

We finally got things figured out and that night, Alex and I headed to OOB to get some fries and pizza. I thought for sure he was going to take me to the beach after (where I always had a feeling he would propose), and he didn’t. He took me home after about an hour. When we got home, I tried getting a hold of my Dad (he still needed a ride). After multiple phone calls went unanswered, and 9:30 now approaching, I put my PJ’s on and went to bed.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, my Dad called. He told me he was running very late, in a rush, was pulling in the driveway and needed a ride to the beach right away. Sensing his urgency, I ran out the door (remember I am still in my pajamas) and bring my Dad to the beach. As we pulled out of the neighborhood, my Dad said he needed to stop at the store down the street for a bottle of wine (which is not unusual for him to bring to a gathering with his friends). When my Dad and I left the house, Alex called my mother who had been waiting down the street in her car to come watch our daughter (she was in bed). This allowed Alex to leave the house and get to the beach while my father stalled at the store. My Dad then told me his friends were at Bay View beach, the beach where Alex and I went the night we met and talked for hours, Alex says he first fell in love with me on that lifeguard tower.

When we got to the beach my Dad told me I had to come with him for a minute to say hi to his girlfriend. Of course I refused, I was in my pajamas! Well, my Dad talked me into it finally (Thank god). As we began walking onto the beach and I saw an aisle of candles lighting a pathway leading to the lifeguard tower, which Alex was standing next to. The lifeguard tower was covered in roses, candles and a small light to see with. He led me up onto the tower. Alex then handed me a book that he made for me. It was a picture book with a story he wrote about our past year together with Maya, and the last page said that days date and “The day she said yes? Or no?” Alex then stood me up and said a speech that he had been rehearsing for days. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I said yes (STILL in my pajamas)!!! As we hugged and kissed, fireworks started going off all around us. His friends had been at the beach for an hour and a half waiting for us (my dad was running late) and the right moment to do their part. I was so blown away!”

One of the very special parts of this wedding is that Dani’s mom’s wedding dress was what the rehearsal dinner dress, veil, and flower girls dress were made of–entirely recycled.  That took care of the borrowed and the old making it very special.

Wedding at the Barn at Walnut Hilllong pink bridesmaid dresses
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florist: Prestige House of Flowers, Biddeford
cater: Ned’s Bakes and BBQ’s, Kennebunk, ME
dress: Andrea’s Bridal, Portland, ME
photography: kivalo photography
  1. Diane Milliard

    June 27th, 2013 at 11:39 am

    These pictures capture an amazing day in my Honey Girl’s life. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer in Patty. Patty has a great eye for detail and creativity. Thank you Patty so much for being so talented and providing priceless keepsakes. I can’t wait to see the rest of the album!

  2. Rene

    July 25th, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    what great venue!

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