August 15, 2016

Bridesmaid & Groomsmen Wedding Gifts

I have been to hundreds of weddings–and seen tons and tons of bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.  Here are some of my favorites!  Hope this gives you a good idea and helps you choose what you want to give your best friends and family members.

First for the Girls:


I personally like the ones that are made here in Maine.  Inspired from our working coast 🙂


This is my favorite company–I love the colors.  These always make for great bridal prep photos!

bridesmaid robes


So many options here–it is nice to know which glass is yours in the bridal prep room 🙂  It also makes for a nicer looking toast picture.


They come in all types of colors and patterns.  I also love wedding totes–really useful for putting your clothes in when you change, carrying a spare pair of shoes, and of course holding you clutch.

bridesmaid clutch

Customized Hangers

These come in all colors, and types.  Be sure to get the ones that have the indents on the hangers so that they hold the dresses better.  Although sometimes the sequined ones are too good to pass up 🙂

customized wedding hanger

Shawls/Cover Up

Evening in Maine almost always means about 10-20 degrees cooler than afternoon.  It is nice to have something to throw on to keep warm.

Hair and Makeup

It is really nice if you forgo the traditional bridesmaid gift and opt to pay for their hair and makeup–one of my weddings/awesome hair and makeup teams created a gift certificate for this that was given with a little makeup bag as a gift.

gift certificare jess candage

For the men:

Tie Clip

Great detail on wedding day–you could even personalize them with an inside joke or quote!

groomsman gift


Perfect for the waiting time before the wedding!

Shaving Kits

These are super–especially if its a destination wedding!


I love when the groom gives his men ties and socks.  It is so much better than the rented ties!  They look so much better, and then are awesome to photograph as a detail.


Leather phone case

This is spiffy!  Who can say no to leather?



Need I say more?


Monthly Beer Club

I did this for my boyfriend once, and it was pretty cool.  They send delicious brews from all over–three a month!


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