February 12, 2018

Portland Maine Beer Tour

So many of my clients come from out of state to get married here in Maine.  They decide to get married here because Maine is the perfect place for a destination wedding.  It is not only beautiful, but it offers tons of options for weddings.  Destination Maine weddings can be coastal, in the mountains, on one of our many lakes, or at a farm somewhere in between.  Not only does Maine offer its beauty it offers a group of wonderful and extremely talented wedding professionals.  While I could go on and on about the many wedding creatives I adore here I want to make this about why Portland Maine will be the best choice for your destination Maine wedding.  The beer!  This post is going to make me sound like a lush, but the truth is I have only been drinking beer for 3 years!  Portland has great working waterfront views, some of the best restaurants in New England and it is the home to some amazing small local breweries.  I would highly encourage your weekend wedding guests to enjoy a Beer tasting tour while they are in town.  Portland was put on the map because of beer companies such as Shipyard, Gritty’s, Geary’s, Sebego, and Allagash but since the rise of the popular microbreweries, Portland has really become a wonderful little tasting town.  I recently dragged some of my friends out with me for a Portland Maine beer tour and want to share with you what we found…

Favorite place for the vibe:

Austin St but when it is busy there it isn’t large enough and gets uncomfortable in many ways.  We did like their branding, and their beer the best though.

portland maine beer tour

Favorite beer:

The Neverender from Austin St Brewery!  It was the best of the IPA’s we sampled.  A flavor profile dominated by tropical fruit is balanced with Pilsen malt and malted wheat.  It is a strong competator to my favorite local brew from Maine Beer Co called Lunch!

microbreweries portland maine

Favorite place to have a conversation with friends:

Battery Steel because it didn’t feel crowded and you didn’t have to yell over the music.

portland maine beer

Favorite place for the music:

Goodfire Brewing playing some alternatives 90’s we loved!

portland maine beer tour

Favorite date spot:

Lone Pine Brewing….it is super cute and kind of cuddly like a ski lodge in there.  A great place to have a snuggle and chill or a first date!

lone pine brewing

The best place to hold an event (think rehearsal dinners):

Rising Tide has a great location and a super awesome space!  It is especially enjoyable in the summer months when you can hang out outside.

Dog-Friendly Beer Spots:

Pretty much all of them!  We saw dogs at Austin St, Lone Pine, Bissell Brothers, Battery Steel….and I am sure there are tons more places that allow them where we just didn’t see anyone with a dog.

dog friendly beer breweries portland maine

Beer Spots with food:

Eating and drinking for me go hand in hand….so I love Bissell Brothers because I can get some delicious chicken while I drink my beer!  There are often food trucks for events at Thompson’s Point as well so that’s is a bonus in the summer!  Foundation also had some bites we could grab, and Rising Tide is not that far away from downtown so there are options from there.

The widest selection:

That we experienced was Foundation Brewing.  We tried all of them but only really liked a few of the selections.  Secretly my favorite beers aren’t brewed in Portland they are done nearby in Saco at Barreled Souls!

portland maine beer


Where we want to visit next: 

Oxbow!  Cute and delicious supposedly we can’t wait to visit this one next time we do a beer day!  Also, Mast Landing…we hear their peanut butter beer is amazing!

Then of course if you want brews from all over all in one spot we have some excellent pub choices:

Great Lost Bear
Novare Res
The Thirsty Pig
Jimmy & The Greeks
Little Tap House

Portland Maine has so much more to offer–but this is just one thing to mention to your wedding guests!

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