December 26, 2014

Engagement Session Tips || Maine Wedding Photographer

Today I would like to talk a bit about being on the other side of the lens.  My boyfriend and I (not yet engaged–but hopefully sometime) went out to cut down our Christmas tree and had our photos taken while doing it for our Kivalo Christmas card.  I have to add I feel like a real grown up as it is the first Christmas card I have ever sent.  Anyway I have had headshots taken and been on the other side of the camera many times–but this was my first experience doing it with my significant other.  I now better understand the nerves and stresses my Maine wedding couples go through.  So here are my engagement session tips to make the engagement session as awesome, fun, and stress free as possible:

engagement session ideasmaine wedding photographer

1.  Be marrying someone awesome who if you want to take engagement photos–they will happily oblige.

2.  Coordinate outfits–not to matchy-matchy but just a pop of color that will tie the two of you together.

3.  Choose an outfit that you feel good in–this is key.  You have to understand we work magic but we don’t change what you look like when we take your picture.

4.  Have your hair and makeup done–its so much easier to be in front of the camera if you feel like you look the best you can look.  Have it done with an everyday natural look in mind.

5.   Do not wear anything to bright or with too much pattern–try to stick with just a hint or a touch of color.  Aka fluorescents are not going to be romantic or elegant.

6.  If you are getting photographed on a green background (summer time park, lawn, or grove of trees) do not wear green–choose a complimentary color from the color wheel.  If you are getting photographed in the winter when colors in Maine are brown and grey wear something with color that will compliment that.  If you are getting photographed on the coast on the rocks do not wear blue–wear a color that will pop off the background and compliment the blueish water.  You get the idea.

7. Interact with each other–one of the most fun parts for me was just taking time to look into Adam’s eyes–I had forgotten how pretty they are and how much I enjoyed just that. It brought me back to the early phase in our relationship when you are so excited about each other you just spend time on the couch making out and drinking each other in.

8.  Have fun–bring some props–make it stylized and unique to the two of you.  We choose to stylize our session around a winter and Christmas theme.  You could use a hobby you two enjoy as your theme, you could make cookies, have your favorite coffee, drink a beer together whatever it is that you want that works for the two of you.

9.  Shop ahead of time–and choose two different outfits.  You don’t know which one you will like best on camera.

10.  Pick a location that is fun to explore and beautiful to look at and or if you are inside choose a place with excellent natural light.

winter engagement session tipsengagement session tips

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