June 19, 2016

France Sneak Peek for Father’s Day

Dear Dad,

Time is a tricky thing isn’t it?  When your younger it creeps by and then the older you get the faster the time goes.  33 seemed like it was so far away and now here it is!!  Which means 35 is so close its scary.  I am pretty sure you warned me of this feeling.  So Dad in this past year I have really tried to appreciate all that God has blessed me with.  I tried to not let a single opportunity pass me by.  I have tried to live life with a more positive outlook and love the creative job I am so fortunate to have. 

Fine Art Film France Wedding Photographer

I did some things I thought I would never do I actually have loved them….like learning to rock climb in the gym, winter hiking, skiing, and even scuba diving.  I have seen concerts, and enjoyed photographing a destination wedding in Aruba, visited our family in DC, and even caught a red sox game.  I have a long bucket list and last year I only got a fraction of it done.  It is so weird to have done so many things and realize that after each thing I haven’t been able to call you up on the phone and recount them to you.  So here are some of the highlights you missed just since January….destination wedding photographerIn January I went to Georgia to receive my masters degree from the Professional Photographers Association.  I was one of about 50 people in the world this year to receive the award and I join the small list of talented Maine men and women photographers who have it. 

While I was there I made some new friends, began plotting my path to getting my Craftsman award, and decided I would like to eventually make it to the national speaking platforms.  Just adding to my bucket list all the time 🙂 

I am now not only the VP for the Maine Professional Photography Association but I also sit on the regional board the Professional Photographers of New England. 

I went to San Juan Puerto Rico just to enjoy the sun for a few days because why not—there are so many places to see! 

Fine Art Film France Wedding Photographer

In February I went to Rhode Island for Inspire Photo Retreats and had a blast with Judy and Kristina.  It was truly a pleasure to be with them and in the community of peers that are so talented. 


In March we had the Maine Professional Photographers Association convention and I was fortunate enough to host Katelyn and Michael for an evening of inspiring conversation and learning.  Over that weekend It was a pleasure to spend late nights talking with talented people and enjoying the company of so many photographer friends. france-fine-art-destination-wedding-photographer

In April I did my most adventurous thing yet.  I booked my dream trip to France for a film workshop with a talented world renowned photographer.  Then as if that wasn’t enough I decided I wanted to do a few mini shoots while I was there and booked a couple, and a florist for my time in Paris.  With big dreams of who I would meet, the images I would take, and the friendships I would foster off to France I went.  While I was there I met the most amazing creatives, I used 88 rolls of film, and I realized Europe is the place for me.  Now I am working on building my destination wedding photography career.    destination-wedding-photographer

In May, I took a week long class on video editing.  It is imperative that I learn how to edit so that I can begin to create the Kivalo videos. 

My roommates and I got two kittens—one for Resc and one for her cat because we are moving out and going separate ways soon.  So I have Resc and this adorable little ball of fluff currently.  It took Resc a few weeks to warm up to the idea of these little furry creatures but I think he knows he is my first born and will always be the favorite….so he is finally beginning to enjoy the little kitties company. 

I also began working with one of my past brides on her style blog which has been a lot of fun. 

I recently hosted 25 creative entrepreneurs for tacos and margaritas who are a part of a group called the Rising Tide Society.  It was so great to meet so many new talents!  I did forget to put out the sour cream though…what a bad hostess 🙂   

Also, My brand new Kivalo Photography and separate sister site Kivalo Films website is about 7-14 days from being launched!  I am very excited about the upgrade 🙂 

Who knows what the rest of the year has in store for me.  I know it will be filled with awesome weddings, camping adventures, a new place to live (as I mentioned I am moving soon), and great big giant dreams…plus a continually growing bucket list.  Somehow it makes me feel connected to you to write to you on Father’s Day.  In the two years that have passed I finally feel like a little of my passion or zest for life is coming back. 

Love you so much Dad. 


  1. Courtney Elizabeth

    June 20th, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    You are an incredible source of inspiration, a light and a wonderful and powerful woman!! So much love to you, lady! ❤️

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