December 15, 2016

My Must Have List and Resources for Aspiring Wedding Photographers

Hello!  This is a list of some of my favorite products on the market.  Some of these items are my must have’s.  So for all of you out there who are dating an aspiring wedding photographer, have one as a daughter, or in some cases just want to give one of your photo friends something they will use and like….this list is for you.  These are some of my favorite things for an aspiring or established wedding photographer.  I am not a gear junkie–there are plenty of other posts out there about what to get the photographer in your life.  I am kind of an educational and business junkie.  So many of these things are related to business, although some of them are just pure enjoyment.

1. Creative Live

This is an excellent place to find education about any and all photography related topics.  Creator Chase Jarvis is an innovator.

2.  Amy & Jordan Demos Educational PDF’s

I love these customizable pieces of information for your brides and grooms!  It is so helpful to see what other people use to educate their clients–and then be able to give it your own spin.

3.  Justin & Mary Educational Guides

These have been on my wish list for EVER!  These two are gifted speakers and educators.  They compel and inspire.

4. Katelyn James Wedding Magazine

Holy smokes, LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.  It was so fun to design and even more amazing when I actually got my magazines in the mail to send to my couples.  Truly if there is one giant thing still on my to do/wish list it would be a one on one education with Katelyn and Michael.  Currently they are not teaching because they are having a baby–but #someday.

5. Sue Bryce Education

Sue is probably the most well known and respected educator in the industry.  I have seen Sue speak twice live and I always learn something.  This monthly membership is on my wish list for sure.

6. Susan Stripling Wedding School

Susan’s imagery is some of the most stand out in the world.  She has built her reputation around having solid knowledge of who she is and what she sells.  She is a no bull shit kind of woman and the time I saw her speak in person I was truly inspired.  This school is one of the best places to learn about how to be a wedding photographer!

7. Be Inspired PR

Be Inspired has education and is a way to advance your business by building an online presence and relationship with a PR firm/editors.  I would recommend this gift only for an established wedding photographer.

8. A Beautiful Mess “Messy Box”

For your creative entrepreneur this is a creative in the mail subscription.  It is just a nice pick me up–and an inspiration in a box.  Useful for people who love styling for Instagram.

9. CAMP Workshop

This is a dream…#someday  Ben Sasso is just an amazing wedding photographer and making friends and spending time at camp just seems like it would be such a wonderful experience.

10.  Heck Ya Photo Camp

How can you not want to attend such an upbeat and well branded photog retreat.  I love the community behind this one–and the fact that they are not selling one big name but truly selling an educational adventure.

11. Neat Receipts

One of the many “joys” of running your own business is having to be accountable at the end of the year for all of your expenses.  I literally have a giant messy box of receipts that I try to keep in some kind of order throughout the year.  This scanner would probably have been a great purchase to help me keep on a schedule (monthly, weekly, daily for example) of actually recording my purchases making my year end much less painful.

12. Principals of Styling Workshop

If there is something I wished I learned sooner–and something that I am continuing to learn it is styling.  There is so much styling that goes into being a photographer.  This is a great place to begin!

13. The School of Styling

Looking forward to being able to attend this in the future.  I am continually trying to learn more about how to style, and get better/quicker at it.

14. Hold Fast

This is the only piece of “gear” I will talk about.  I LOVE my money maker.  I have used the spyder belt before but really prefer the look and feel of the “money maker”  If you don’t have one–or your fiancée, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, photographer friend, son, or daughter doesn’t have one they should 🙂

15. Magazines!  Magnolia Rouge, Belle Lumiere, Dear Gray, Vow, Kinfolk, Click, Hello May, Darling

I am such a magazine junkie.  I love holding them, being inspired by them, and reading them.  When I was learning photography magazines taught me so much!  Now, much of what I learned via magazines you can get online 🙂

16. Styling Board from Heirloom Bindery

I have two, and I use them at least one out of four weddings.  Such a clean consistent background for details.

17. Stylist Box

This is a great place to start when you need some fillers in a photo you are styling.  It also doubles as greta textured background.

18. Drop it Modern

This company makes the best modern, trendy backgrounds.  They are thick, and they do not really wrinkle 🙂

19. Calendars/Planners

I love them.  These three are my favorites for photographers.  Emily Lay Planner, The Day Designer, Design Aglow’s Planning Sheets, and Make It Happen’s Power Sheets.

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