April 23, 2014

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When I go back in time and think about the week/weeks leading up to my brother’s death there is only before my brother died and after as a way of referencing time.  Time seems to be what escapes me the most and upsets me the most.  You see when you loose someone you feel like the world stops or that it should stop but it doesn’t….before you know it two months have passed and while some moments it feels like 2 years have passed….more often it feels like only 2 days have passed.  It’s just time is a weird thing.  Anyway, a week or so before he died I attended a wonderful photography workshop for three days.  Inspire was intimate and informative….it was full of like minded people going through the same experiences you are….and best of all it did exactly what I hoped it would…..Inspire.  I took a variety of classes….one on SEO, one on Stylized shoots, one on finding your blog voice, and one on actually how you photograph a wedding.  The one on finding your blog voice was right up my alley.  It was taught my the quirky, sweet, and super smart women behind Vivid & Brave.  One of the activities we did was “write a mini manifesto” but I don’t work well in a classroom or under any time constraints so I never did the assignment.  This week I have spent time working on my manifesto….challenging myself to ask “what are my core beliefs?”  This is what I came up with.

maine wedding photographer

  1. Lucille 'Lucy' Thornsjo

    April 30th, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    Your website is outstanding! Little did I know as I drove you to and from karate classes that I was in the company of a talent who knows how to ‘catch’ the moments needed to show excitement and love of life.
    Stay focused, dear girl. The sadness in life gives us backbone and insight.
    To the future as you celebrate the past!!

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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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