July 6, 2016

Kettle Cove Engagement Session

How did you two meet?

Brianna and Jason began their journey with Brianna adding Jason on Facebook. Jason messaged Brianna with his smooth talk as he is very romantic, and they planned to meet up at a mutual friend’s birthday party in the summer of 2010. At the party, Jason was in the basement playing games with friends when Brianna came down the stairs. Jason believed it was love at first sight and told his friends “I am going to marry that girl someday.” The two became great friends but lost touch when Jason moved to California for an internship. A year later, Jason reached out to Brianna to see how she had been, reconnect, and continue building their friendship. From that point, they became inseparable. God and fate’s plan aligned on January 13, 2012 when Jason and Brianna made their relationship official.


How did he propose?

About two years into Jason and Brianna’s four year relationship, Jason mentioned marrying Brianna. Brianna told Jason that if this became a reality someday, she hoped that he would ask her father for permission first. The thought of getting engaged excited both of them and they knew that if this was God’s plan, it would happen when the time was right. They continued to build a concrete foundation to their relationship over the next two years.About six months before traveling on their annual Florida trip in 2015, Jason surprised Brianna by taking her engagement ring shopping to get an idea of what she liked. Jason obtained Brianna’s ring size and carefully listened to Brianna as she explained the ring style and details that sparked her interest.

On New Year’s Eve 2015, Jason and Brianna went out to a fancy dinner with Jason’s parents and some friends on Sanibel Island in Florida. Our friends (without knowing what was to come later that night) joked around asking when we were going to get engaged! Brianna and Jason laughed and knew it would happen when it was meant to happen. After dinner, we went to Fort Myers Beach, which is absolutely stunning with its white sand and blue water. This has always been an important and favorite place of theirs.

Our friends have a very nice suite in one of the hotels right on the water – ‘The Pink Shell’. We stopped there to gaze at the stars and grab a blanket to bring to the beach with us, then walked down to the shore to watch the fireworks. While on the beach, Jason and Brianna left the group to stick their feet in the warm 75 degree Florida ocean! Jason was very nervously looking at the time, and once the clock struck 11:58 PM, he got down on one knee, explained to Brianna how much he loved her and her family, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her experiencing everything life has to offer, couldn’t imagine a day of his life without her, and HE ASKED HER TO MAKE HIM THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD AND MARRY HIM! With tears in her eyes, Brianna said “YES!” and hugged Jason until he could barely breathe. The fireworks began going off, and Jason picked Brianna up and swung her around while screaming to his parents: “she said ‘yes’!” Jason’s parents graciously accepted Brianna into their family and they took some photos. We began watching the fireworks, and Brianna said to Jason: “You didn’t ask my dad though…”. Jason beamed and stated: “Yes I did. Of course I did”. Jason is still just as romantic as the day Brianna met him as he pays close attention to intricate and special moments that they have shared together. The engagement was everything Brianna imagined and more. The rest of the trip to Florida was spent celebrating, sharing the exciting news with family and friends, and “pre-honeymooning”.




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