September 8, 2015

Kingsley Pines Summer Camp Wedding

Kingsley Pines Summer Camp wedding was full of fun and laughter.  Kingsley Pines Camp is a beautiful place to have a wedding–as it provides a perfect setting for enjoying the outdoors and everyones company around a campfire late at night.  It is a perfect lakeside wedding venue.  The maid of honor speech was amazing–she had the DJ put on a song and she did a little customized rap.  One of my favorite moments though was the piggy back ride to get the bridesmaids onto the dock, and the men doing the “toboggan” which is one of their signature photo moves.  It was truly a pleasure to be apart of this wedding–seeing many familiar faces from wedding past and loving every second of Jen’s beautiful face.


How did you two meet?  Jen’s best friend Arianne lived in Chris’s apartment building that he owns, he was also living their. Arianne brought Jen to a Party on 4th of July and that is where Jen and Chris meant for the first time. Chris called Jen afterwards and asked her out on an official date to the Seadogs game in August 2009, the rest is history.


How did the proposal go?  It was our four year anniversary and we decided to go away, we went to North Conway, NH for the weekend. While there we went to Glen Ellis Falls and walked around, all along Chris was holding the ring in his pocket since the box was to obvious. We went to the top of the trail right next to the water fall, it just so happened that no one was up there and we were alone. Jen looked out at the falls to take a picture and when she turned around I was down on one knee holding the ring. She just stared at me, speechless and didn’t move. I said my speech(which neither of us remember now) and she said yes with a huge grin on her face!


What is your favorite memory together?  Our favorite memory together would be our trip to New York. We’d only been seeing each other for a little while, but Jen asked if Chris wanted to drive to Syracuse to see her friend Rachel play a college field hockey game. It was an 8 hour drive together! While we were leaving Sunday there was a brochure for Niagara Falls, it was only another two hours away. We were both like “when we will ever be here again” and decided to go! It was worth it! It was a rainy foggy day and not very warm. We were going to walk down and get up close the the falls, but saw some people had on blue rain jackets. Jen asked an older gentleman working the “Maid of the Mist” boat line how we could one, he said we had to go on the boat. Jen said Oh, he asked why weren’t going to go? Chris told the man it was because we really didn’t have the money for it. He said “tell ya what, i’ll let you go on free of charge, but you have to promise to hold hands and get nice and close to the falls because the mist is magical you know”. It was the best time, the falls were even more amazing up close, and the mini road trip was one we will never forget!


What was your favorite date?  We don’t really have “one” favorite date. There’s multiple ones really, we try to go on lots of adventures and do fun things together. One of the best dates we have during the summer months is mini golf and ice cream! We do this multiple times. The loser of mini golf buys the ice cream which we are both suckers for, it’s our weakness!


Tell me about your favorite dinner spot?  It’s not really a place, our favorite thing to do for dinner is buy sandwiches from Amato’s or The Goodlife Market and bring them to the lake, or beach and eat, talk, and watch the sunset!


What is your favorite thing about your fiancée?  Chris’s favorite thing about Jen is that she is great with kids, she will make a good mother someday! I also love that she will go to camp in Danforth, ME and troll around the lake with me while I fish for hours, she always lays on the boat and gets a tan!

Jen’s favorite thing about Chris is that he LOVES his family, he is very close to them. He always makes her laugh and laughs with her! He is so laid back and relaxed about things and has helped me loosen up a lot as well and just enjoy life together!


Venue: Kingsley Pines Camp ||  Photographer: Kivalo Photography ||  Catering: Blue Elephant ||  Hair: Inspirations Hair Salon ||  Flowers: Raymond Village Florist ||  Dress: Andreas Bridal || Suits: Antoine’s Formal Wear  ||  Cake: Cakes by Debbie || Rentals:  A Party Plus Rentals

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