June 26, 2014

Laudholm Farm Wedding || Wells, Maine Wedding Photographers

I have been excited about Lacey’s wedding since last year when I met her.  Our correspondence since proved what a sweet and intelligent woman she is and I became more and more excited to meet her funny other half Steven.  They did not disappoint.  Their quirky, smart, happy personalities are the perfect match.  We had a breezy but beautiful day and they choose gorgeous colors for their wedding.  I was so lucky to get to capture the moments and memories at this Laudholm Farm wedding.  The ceremony and reception were both held at Laudholm Farm at the Wells Reserve in Wells, Maine.  They had a stations dinner with a mashed potato bar catered by Nancy’s catering under a beautiful Sperry tent.  The girls looked beautiful in their grey bridesmaid dresses from J.Crew complimented perfectly by Blooms Flower Shop’s gorgeous bouquets.  She looked amazing in her Watters Too dress which she bought at Madeline’s Daughter and everyones hair was whimsical and done by Salon Bijou.  The invitations matched Laudholm Farms green barn doors perfectly and were designed by the best man Kyle who works for the local company that printed them EPS Communications.  The favors were from Stonewall Kitchen and a variety of other local shops.  Pete Kilpatrick played the ceremony music and cocktail hour and then Wavelength played the reception and got the party started.  It was a perfect day.

  • How did you two meet?  We both attended Springfield College and lived in the same dorm (Steve lived in the room directly above me and my maid of honor, Katie, both rooms were in the stairwell of the dorm). We met officially when Katie was working on a class project with Steve, as they were both in the same major. The three of us became good friends, and so began the “stairwell wars,” i.e. we would steal his television remote or hide his video games, he would steal things off our door- including a not-so-lucky turkey decoration which lost its’ head in the process. Just some of your basic pranks..
  • How did he propose? After Steve’s parents moved to northern Florida a few years back, Steve and I began running in a half-marathon/marathon known as 26.2 for Donna. Afterwards, we always went to the same restaurant (Caps on the Water) as usual to celebrate the race, even though the weather was colder than in New England. Steve wasn’t able to run in the 2013 race due to injury, but I ran my first marathon that year and had a blast. We went to Caps as usual, and Steve asked if I wanted to take pictures of the sunset over the intracoastal on the dock. When we walked out onto the dock and started to take pictures, I turned around and found Steve on one knee with a certain shiny item in his hand.. All I heard was, “Lace, I love you..” and then came the waterworks.. Steve’s family was watching from the restaurant, and after I said “yes” we all took pictures on the dock, including me with my bright red eyes! On another note, we were both so flustered that we first put the ring on the wrong hand.. whoops..
  • What is your favorite part of wedding planning? Being creative and crafty with our families. We hosted a craft weekend at my parent’s house so our families could come and help us make the decorations for the event, and test out the signature drinks of course.
  • What is the most important to you about your wedding? Involving our families, especially each of our many siblings. My sisters are part of the bridal party, my brother is leading the ceremony, and Steve’s sisters are reading a poem/story during the ceremony. All of our nieces and nephews will be a part of the ceremony too!
  • What is your favorite thing about your fiancée?  BRIDE: Steve and I were best friends before we ever intended to date, and we still are best friends, which is what I think makes us so happy together now. He is funny, sweet, handsome, intelligent, determined. He cooks me dinner every night when I get home from work. He is my thrill-seeking adventure enthusiast buddy (skydiving, rollercoastering, road-tripping, you name it). He loves his family and mine wholeheartedly. He’ll even take our dog out when it’s pouring so I don’t have to.. GROOM: There are a million things I could list in order to describe why I love Lacey. I could tell you about how she laughs at my terrible jokes, how she is my best bud, or how she is the most caring person I’ve ever met. Simply put, my favorite thing about Lacey is that she makes me a better person. She is there to pick me up when I need help and there to put me in my place when I know I’m always right.

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