September 16, 2013

Long Island Maine Wedding || Maine Wedding Photography

It was Friday evening and it was a downpour….not for just a few minutes more like hours.  I thought thank goodness the wedding on the island is tomorrow and not today 🙂  Little did I know that under the tent at the wedding would be a massive puddle.  Thankfully the show must go on–so the groomsmen spread straw throughout the tent to try and absorb some of the water…while the guests in good spirits just went barefoot and brought the party anyway.  I am so ridiculously blessed to have the couples I do and the job that I have…..these two were nothing short of perfect for each other.  I have been looking forward to their wedding all year–as it was in a beautiful place, and I knew they would bring the party.  I love fun weddings!  Jillian and Zodie didn’t disappoint.  Some of my favorite things were the tradition of digging up a bottle of scotch to bless the new couples marriage, Zodie and Jillian’s awesome dog Olive Oil, the rope tying ceremony, and the bridesmaids attire (they looked awesome).  There were no shortage of amazing moments: the best man’s toast had the whole place laughing, Jillian’s dance with her Dad had the whole place crying, and the dance floor was rocking!  Thank you so much for letting me capture your moments and share your wedding day with you–it was nothing short of amazing.

This is Jillian’s story for how she met Zodie: “On the night of February 26, 2011 I was out with my cousin Adam and his wife/my good friend Sarah at a comedy show in downtown Portland. When the show was over we went next door to Ri Ra where we met up with the rest of the group we had been with that night. Little did I know that Bridget, who I had just met, would be a matchmaker!

As the night continued, Zodie caught my eye, but I was too shy to go talk to him. Next thing I knew, Bridget was introducing me to this 6′ 3” gorgeous blue-eyed man. Now this was in February, one month after I had shattered my pinky toe so I was out in flats. If anyone knows me that is very UNLIKE me and officially made him over a foot taller than me! Needless to say we tried to carry on a conversation but it was tough over the band. And secretly I still had no idea what his name was 🙂

Zodie was starting to leave with his friends and he still didn’t have my number. As he was saying goodbye, I got up the nerve to say “Well, don’t you want my number” in which he responded “of course”. Later that night I heard from Zodie (where he confirmed his name via text, thank goodness) and from there we had our first date a week later over spicy margaritas at Sonny’s . . .”

For the proposal….with a little help from Zodie’s good friend and “groomswoman” in the planning of this amazing proposal….Here is Zodie’s story:  “On November 1st, we boarded the sea plane after meeting Adam at the hanger, it was very cool. Adam had prepared a cooler with champagne and OJ for our morning ride (apparently this is customary, and somehow Jillian was still clueless). We took off and flew around the keys, close enough to spot turtles and sting rays with our naked eye. Such an amazing experience, and we hadn’t even gotten to the best part. Adam talked to us through the headphones we were wearing to let us know that we were about to circle and land near a small uninhabited key just off of 7-mile bridge. We landed in the ocean before Adam taxied us as close as he could to the shore of Molasses Key. The water was just above my knees, which I was prepared for… I grabbed my backpack filled with things we might need on shore (camera, water, a snack…OH, YEA…AND THE RING).

We planned this day as a fun and romantic day, so after our morning plane ride Jillian had expected to go to a nice lunch in Key West. I explain that so that you understand why she was wearing a sun dress and why I had to carry her to shore. It was a gorgeous day. No wind. 85 degrees. Perfect.

We got to shore and started to explore a little. Keep in mind, this key is small enough that you can see the whole thing from just about any spot. My 2 1/2 year old nephew, Graden, could probably throw a stone across its widest point. The size of the key was a good thing. I was ready to propose. We walked to the center of the key, I told Jillian some sentiments of my love for her that I will keep between us, then I fumbled around in my backpack searching for the ring box. I looked up just before finding it. I think Jillian had figured out what I was doing… waterworks ensued, but not enough to slow her down from saying, “YES””

Truly amazing people–incredible friends–a fantastic wedding–and honestly a touching love to grow for the rest of their lives.  Zodie and Jillian’s saying is “all the way” and honestly that says it all….from the wedding planning, to the happy tears, and the love that everyone has for them….they will never be without each other.  Cheers you two!

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Florist: Falmouth Flowers and Gifts
Band: Retrospecticus
Caterer: Kitchen Chicks
Dress: Allure Bridal



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