January 6, 2016

Mackworth Island Winter Engagement Photos

How did you two meet?

My friend and one of his friends were dating and we met through them a few times- did not start dating until we randomly ran into each other in Boston after our friends had already broken up. I was a senior in College when we started dating and he’s 7 years older so he was living in Boston as a medical sales rep at the time.


Tell us about the proposal?

Before we had started dating while our two friends were still together the first place we had ever met was at a bonfire at our friends beach house in Rye, NH. We go up to Oktoberfest at Attitash every year so when it came time to head up this past year (5 years after our first meeting) Matt told me we had to pick up our friend at his house in Rye on our way up because “his car wasn’t working”. When we got there the friend came out of the house and asked us to get out to come look at the bonfire pit at the beach he had supposedly been working on all day- when we got out to the beach my sister who lives in Australia was standing there with flowers in hand (he had flown her home to be there for it). He walked me out to the location of the bonfire pit and asked me there. We drove up to the Mount Washington Hotel right after and all of our closest friends and family met us there for a dinner and celebration. It was a very special day!


What is your favorite thing about your other half?

He is the most genuine, kind, and caring person I have ever met. He’s very important to a lot of people and that is a huge tribute to his character. What you see is what you get with Matt and I also love that.


Favorite place to go to dinner?

The North End in Boston during Christmas time would definitely be a favorite for both of us.


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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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