August 31, 2016

Marianmade Farm Wedding

Jenny and Doug are such amazing people–it was an amazing opportunity to get to know them and to be able to photograph them.  The wedding was photographed by associate Sarah Reece and an awesome freelance second photographer Whit Fox.  These two ladies did a fantastic job capturing the beauty and the fun of this Marianmade Farm Wedding.

How did you two meet?

Doug and I both met while working at ESPN in New York. He would always run the office pool for Super Bowl and somehow I was on his email list so I signed up for a square. When it came time to pay, I had to ask him where he sat because I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t know who he was 🙂 Later that year, his friends invited me to join their Monday Night Football wing night, so we got to know each other really well then. Eventually, we both confessed to each other that we had feelings for each other and started dating 5.5 years ago. We still go out every Monday night for our weekly wing night 🙂


What is the proposal story?

We like to take a lot of road trips together but I usually plan them. This time, Doug decided to take matters into his own hands and plan a weekend to Vermont, so that was a red flag to me. There were a few other red flags, like him planning everything in advance (which never happens). But I didn’t read into it too much. The first morning, we took a hike up a mountain with our dog, Opie. I set him up perfectly because I made a comment about how we never take “family pictures” together so he assured us we would make it happen this trip. He scoped out places to propose on the way up, and had the right place for the way back down. However, there were about 20 teenage girls doing handstands and giggling at his chosen spot when we came back…so he had to improvise. Instead of asking them to take a photo of us, he asked them to take a video. So now we have a video of the proposal, complete with a cheering section in the background.


Favorite Memory Together?

Going to Vegas for March Madness every year. We also take a big international trip every year, and our favorite is still our first trip, which was to Argentina, where we hiked a glacier, drove around to find penguins, and rode horses in Patagonia.


Favorite Date?

Doug and I have rarely gone on any real “traditional” dates, however I recall he told me about how he would take girls to Red Lobster to “seal the deal” in high school. So I made him take me to Red Lobster on one of our early dates and we ate cheesy biscuits 🙂  (Commentary–how awesome is this couple?!!!  I absolutely love this response!)


Favorite Dinner Spot?

Jenny: One of my most memorable is a restaurant called Bottega in Napa Valley. We took a trip out to San Francisco, spent a night out in Napa, and the food here was soooo good. We’ve only been once yet it remains one of our favorite restaurants of all time.

Doug: His favorite restaurant is Jacob’s Pickles, down the street from where we live. Its motto is beer, biscuits, pickles – three things he loves. Even though I hate going to the same restaurant twice (we live in NYC after all!), he drags me there all the time.


Favorite thing about each other?

Jenny: I love that we share the same sense of humor and can laugh through everything and mostly at ourselves. And I love that he has an open mind and is willing to try anything once, especially if it means something to me.

Doug: He loves Jenny’s love for sports. It’s unmatched compared to any other girls!


Venue: Marianmade Farm || Catering: Fire & Co.  ||  Photography: Kivalo Photography ||  Flowers: Blue Cloud Farm ||  Wedding Planner: Purple Orchid ||  Musicians: Southern Maine String Quartet ||  DJ: Chris Estrela || Dessert: Gorgeous Gelato

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