September 25, 2016

Moosehead Lake Engagement Photos

Its funny I have been blogging my wedding work for years but for some reason I don’t blog the engagement sessions.  I have actually changed from not loving these sessions to LOVING the engagement session.  Last year was the first year that it was pretty much apart of every package I sold–and I think it was worth it!  Expect a bunch of awesome engagement posts coming to this blog!  The engagement session is not only an opportunity for you two to get to know me and me to get to know you….but it is an opportunity for me to shoot more creatively because there is actual time at the engagement session vs on a wedding day when there is like 15 minutes left for bride and groom photos.  Speaking of time on the wedding day….if you were to forego the bridal party there would be way more time for awesome portraits….but my recommendation would be to hold the portraits until the light is beautiful allowing yourself to attend cocktail hour and then just steal away during dinner or after the formal dances for 30 minutes of photo time.  Just tell the guests they won’t mind….who doesn’t love being a trend setter?  Let me talk for a moment about “bridal parties” I think it is more rewarding to have your girls getting ready with you but not be a formal “bridal party” and same for the men….wear what you want….but hang out together the day of.  Then we can get a bunch of photos of you guys after you are ready before the first look or the ceremony and the only thing missing is the big group photo of the formal “bridal party.”  Seems like a win win….and the people who have done things this way have enjoyed a stress free, laid back kind of wedding.  After all it is your wedding you can make it anything you want it to be!  Ok onto this adorable couple of mine.  They are getting married way up north–and they actually have a little farm there so they decided to do Moosehead Lake engagement photos.  They met at a horse barn where Mark worked and Megan had a horse down in Massachusetts.  They dated long distance for a while until Megan finished school and then she moved to Maine!  It has been almost 7 years….and Mark finally put a ring on it!  It was a pleasure to spend the day with them–he was silly and she was beautiful.  They were willing to hike through the woods with me and they even took a photo with their pet pig Kevin!  That was defiantly a first for me 🙂  Here are some of my favorites.

maine-engagment-photographer_0002 maine-engagment-photographer_0003 maine-engagment-photographer_0004 maine-engagment-photographer_0005 maine-engagment-photographer_0006 maine-engagment-photographer_0007 maine-engagment-photographer_0008 maine-engagment-photographer_0009 maine-engagment-photographer_0010

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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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