April 29, 2015

Photographer Online Education Options

I don’t often write posts for other photographers….I generally prefer to write all about weddings.  Today I decided I wanted to put out there to others some of the great ways I have learned and gathered information on branding, marketing, photography, design, and business.  Learning more about building your photography business can be overwhelming but there are tons of resources out there to help.  I spend probably about one day a week on education.  I am always watching new things, researching, going to workshops, or learning in online forums/workshops.  I hope that other people building business no matter what phase you are in enjoy some of these educational opportunities as much as I have.

1.  Creative Live-Creative Classes from the world’s top experts that are free while they are airing them live and then a free rebroadcast in case you missed something.

2. Jasmine Star-A top wedding photographer who created a line to help educate people who want to get into wedding photography

3. Susan Stripling-Very talented wedding photographer who has a distinct style.  She offers tons of education for wedding photographers who want to learn both the technical and about business.

4.  Blogging Your Way-“Each of our classes will give you the tools that you need to blog your best! We approach blogging with a creative, personal approach that you just won’t find in other classes since most blogging workshops focus on mostly boring tech stuff and topics that you can easily learn for free online. Our approach is to teach what you cannot find elsewhere – to pull together successful bloggers who make a living primarily through their blogs and let them teach their secrets to success.”

5.  Blog Academy-Take your blog to the next level

6.  Elle & Co.-She is a design expert and she shares a ton of information about branding and building a business online.

7.  Show it Live-Online education from a variety of photographers just short interviews to learn from

8.  Katelyn James-She has created a collection for photographers to help them with their confidence behind their pricing strategy and other business things.

9.  Online Photo Academy-“We are very proud that students of the Academy have the opportunity to do a full certificate program at a fraction of the cost of other institutions, but from successful, active photographers! Selecting the Certificate path gives you the most value for your money, providing you with all of the important pieces to creating a solid, thriving photography business.

When you complete all of the courses, you will be given a badge and certificate of completion by The International Academy of Wedding Photographers. You can display this on your marketing material for your potential clients to see.”

10. Engage Live– “Engage has been developed to help you to follow your passion. Join us free for live classes in the areas of Photography, Videography, Cinematography, Art, Design, Music, Crafts, and Business.”

11.  PPA-Tons of online education on technical skills as well as the business end.  The professional Photography Association offers a degree program, competitions, and social gatherings for photogs to get together.

12.  Justin & Mary-Their blog does weekly series talking about things photographers struggle with.

13.  Scott Kelby-Photoshop expert offering all kinds of education around the adobe suite.

14.  Lynda.com-“You set the pace with online learning. Learn what you want, when you want, and practice with the instructor’s files while you watch and listen.”

15. Sprouting Photographer-“You can achieve success as a photographer through sustainable business practices. Learn the “how-to” strategies to become more profitable as a photographer and the specific action items to quickly implement positive change in your business.”


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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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