February 6, 2016

Portland Maine Engagement Photos

How did you two meet?

Peter and I “dated” for about 2 days in 8th grade after we fell in “love” in Washington DC. We remained at the same school and re connected before graduating. Our summer fling ended and we both went away to college to pursue our dreams. It was 2 weeks before we both couldn’t take not being together. We both transferred to USM and have been together since.


How did the proposal go?

We had talked about getting engaged in the months before Christmas. As Christmas crept closer I had a feeling Peter was going to propose. However, me being the snoop I am, knew that he would give me his mothers ring. Yes, I snooped and saw the ring sitting on her dresser. I started doubting it and began thinking that it wasn’t going to happen. At our families Christmas eve party peter went up to his old room at his moms house, I followed behind despite his efforts to keep me downstairs. We went up to his room and after he began doing things I was bored and left. I had told him in the room that night that if he was going to do it that it better not be in front of anyone because I new I would be emotional. We ate dinner and went home and fell asleep. I woke up Christmas morning to peter poking me, annoyed, I rolled over and ignored him. When he wouldn’t stop I finally rolled back over and asked what he could possible want, and thats when he asked me. It wasn’t in a fancy restaurant or in paris but it was so special because it wasn’t what was around it that made the moment, it was peter.


Favorite memory?

There are so many. But I just thought of a great one… So it was my very first valentines day with a guy, it was a big deal. Peter and I had been dating almost a year and he was going to New Zealand the day after valentines day for a very last minute sailing competition. I was disappointed of his departure the day after my second favorite holiday. So peter and I had made dinner plans at a favorite local restaurant. He picked me up for work and we headed to dinner when he received a call from his mother . Valerie was screaming on the phone completely pissed off at peter for doing something that I couldn’t quite understand because I was overhearing. Peter got off the phone, looked at me, and said we needed to head to his house to check in with his mom. At this point Valerie was still the mother of my boyfriend, scary. We get to the house and he wants me to go in with him and I’m begging him to let me stay in the car because I’m so nervous to see his mother angry. I finally agree to go inside. Peter had set up the dinner table.. There were three dozen roses, a cake, chocolate covered strawberries, candles, dinner and a tiffany bracelet. It was perfect. AND the whole thing had been an act.


Favorite date?

My favorite date with Libby actually happened when she was still away at school. I told her I was driving out to see her for the weekend. The drive was 6 hours so she thought i would be there around dinner time. Instead I left around 4 am. I drove all day long and when she called me and asked where I was I kept telling her I hadn’t left yet. She was very upset. I got there around 1130 when she was still in class and i went and sat outside of her class room. when she got out and saw me she almost started crying. We went out and got lunch at Panera and went shopping. The best part was how surprised she was when she saw me there. I knew she was a keeper then.


Favorite thing about each other?

My favorite thing about Libby is her smile. It is absolutely contagious. The other reason why I love her smile is that I can make her smile no matter what. Even is she if so mad at me yelling and screaming for something stupid I did all i have to say is “Libby don’t smile” and she instantly starting smiling, which then makes her more mad. This is my favorite thing about her because eventually no matter how mad she is she ends up smiling, and you can’t be smiling and mad so she stops being mad.

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