May 16, 2017

Romantic Portland Maine Wedding

As my first wedding for the 2017 season Emily and Dave set the bar high…honestly if I were getting married this was a wedding I would love to have!  It was so romantic, a tiny bit vintage as if it were a story like Pride & Prejudice.  Where to begin…getting ready in the presidential suite of the Westin is fantastic…plenty of room….great light…everyone was relaxed and reflecting back on all the laughter over the years they shared. The bridesmaid dresses were so elegant–long and grey in color. Then Emily’s dress…that really set the tone for the day. It fit her perfectly and it was so romantic. The way it flowed, the delicate beading on the lace just made for a delight to photograph. The Church was quite beautiful with its extra uplighting and wallpapered vintage walls. The chuppah was beautiful and the greenery and florals matched the bridesmaids dreamy bouquets. Following Jewish tradition they signed the ketubah which is a work of art in itself. Of course the next part of the day was my favorite-photo time! We took a trolly to the Portland City Hall where trees were in spring blooms out front. It was the perfect time of day for photos–6pm! The light was soft and whimsical. The choice for black tuxedo was stunning and looked amazing at the reception.  From the photos it was off to the party at the Westin in Portland….with delicious steak and of course The Bob Charest Band created the perfect setting for a fantastic hopping dance floor all night. Emily and Dave had the most romantic Portland Maine wedding and I love the images so much. They were able to relax and enjoy each others company–laugh with friends and I was fortunate enough to capture it all. Did I mention I LOVE these families? Emily’s family I have had the pleasure of photographing before at her sister’s wedding….and I just cant say enough wonderful things about them. Such a blessing to feel such a part of their lives. Thank you thank you thank you.

Ceremony Site: Maine Irish Heritage Center || Venue: Westin || Florals: Harmons & Bartons ||  Hair & Makeup: Ollo Salon || Bridal Gown Shop: Andrea’s Bridal || Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo || Brides Shoes: Badgley Mischka || Grooms Suit: Calvin Klein || Invitations: Laura Marr Printing || Cake: Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott || Lighting: The Maine Event Design and Decor || Band: Bob Charest ||  Ceremony Music: The Opus Trio || Favors: Chocolate Lobsters from Havens Candies in Maine || Bridesmaids Gifts: Kimono Bridesmaid Robes from Plum Sugar || Groomsmen Gifts: Monogrammed Valets & Bow Ties




How did you two meet?
We met through a mutual friend, Andrea. Dave and Andrea worked together at Deloitte. Every year, Deloitte hosts a black tie winter celebration in January/February. One year, Andrea’s fiancé Chris couldn’t attend so she was taking her sister, Stephanie (one of Emily’s roommates). Andrea asked Dave if he wanted to take one of her friends, Emily. Dave took his time and eventually agreed to go on the blind setup with the three ladies. (Andrea posted the facebook message chat between her and Dave the day after we got engaged.)

How did the proposal go? What is the story?
Dave planned the proposal for over a month. He wanted to surprise Emily (he isn’t good with surprises), so he enlisted the help of her sister, Dana. Dana and Eric (her husband), were planning a night to stay with us in Boston – this way Emily wouldn’t try to make any plans for that weekend. The week of the proposal, Dave surprised Emily with a massage booked for Saturday afternoon – she had no idea why, but thought it was nice. The morning of the proposal had Emily all worked up because the house was far from ready for her sister and brother-in-law to be spending the night. With the massage in the middle of the day, Emily and Dave had to get their errands done early in the day – so off to Target they went. While at Target, the pressure mounted as Emily couldn’t figure out which blanket to get for Dana and Eric’s bed – all the while Dave was laughing inside because he knew they were not even spending the night. Once they got home, and Emily went for her massage, Dave went to get his beard trimmed and picked up the bouquet of flowers he ordered. On his walk home with the flowers (which were enormous) he bumped into Emily at their door. Dave played if off as though the flowers were simply because they were having guests over and the florist just went a bit overboard. Emily thought, wow, these are nice, but also thought a small arrangement of tulips would have been just fine. Over the next few hours, Dave and Emily cleaned the apartment in preparation for their guests. Finally, at 5pm, Dave and Emily were ready for the evening when Dave asked Emily to sit with him on the couch while they wait for Dana and Eric to arrive. After starting a terribly planned talk with, “we have something to talk about,” and seeing Emily’s face show her get very nervous, Dave got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. After she stopped freaking out and saying, “Oh my God,” she said “yes!” That is when Dave broke the news to her that her sister and brother-in-law would not be spending the night…but they WERE across the street waiting with Emily’s parents, Dave’s parents, and Dave’s brother and sister-in-law. The restaurant, Villa Francesca, is Dave and Emily’s “spot” – where they dine almost weekly (if not more often). The entire wait staff, lined up and clapped as they arrived and the owners came up and gave Dave and Emily each a hug. The entire restaurant clapped as they arrived at their table to join their families who were already waiting.

What is your favorite memory together? Or of each other?
Our trip to Napa in November, 2015. We had a relatively impromptu trip after Dave had his work trip to SF extended by a few days. We spent Friday going to Dave’s favorite vineyard and then had a wonderful dinner at a 5-star restaurant. On Saturday, we had a driver, Larry, drive us around to four wonderful vineyards, each smaller and more personal than the one before. We ended overlooking the valley from the home of the winemakers on our last stop. It was the perfect trip!

What was your favorite date?
Our first solo date! (Our first two dates were the black tie event where we met and a Billy Joel concert with 10 friends.) We met for drinks at the Back Bay Social bar before going to a Red Sox game. From there, we went to the game and had the people in front of us ask if we were on a first date – it must have been obvious. After the Red Sox won, we went to celebrate and end the night at Island Creak Oyster House (where we are pretty sure the bartender also asked/knew it was our first date). It was an awesome night that we still remember vividly!

What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?
Dave – Emily is exactly what I was looking for in a life partner. She is supportive, loving, funny, smart, and pretty. Okay, that isn’t one thing, but the sum total is the perfect person for me!
Emily – I love how we bring out the best in one another. Dave is the best man I know – he is a true gentleman, kind, generous, fun and best of all GOOFY! We have a lot of fun together 🙂

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