June 10, 2015

Sunday River Wedding || Newry, Maine

There were many things that struck me about this past Saturday’s wedding at Sunday River.  It was one of the most wonderful celebrations I have attended because the families there were so strong in culture and their belief in love.  It was a beautiful day ontop of the Peak and the view was clear and peaceful.  Most important of all lets talk about the pies!  All hand crafted by family members and soon delicious!  Words of advice…do what Rebecca and Jesse did–take 15 minutes after the ceremony to just be together by yourselves.  These two went on the chair lift for their time.

Rebecca’s Dad did a speech at the reception that was so fantastic.  He told stories about Rebecca and at the end of each story there was a reason he told it–a quality that she has that will be useful in the marriage.  One of the stories was about how Rebecca wasn’t feeling good one morning on the walk to school….and her Dad told her to “suck it up” so she did–but on the way home from school she doubled over and a neighbor picked her up to bring her home to her Mom.  Her Mom was finishing mowing the lawn so Rebecca had to wait to get medical attention for her burst appendix….which shows she is a really tough person 🙂  Another day when walking to school as they were crossing the train tracks a train was coming–and her brother was still on the tracks.  Her Dad went to get him–the train of course saw him and stopped but Rebecca was crying because she thought she was going to loose her Dad and her brother to a train that day….which of course shows she has a love of family and lots of compassion.

Then Rebecca’s brothers began their speech–which they had props for….they got Jesse a “Rebecca Tool Belt” and filled it with things that they thought he would need along the way in their marriage.  I think my favorite one was the “Becca blocker” which is to go around your plate so that she doesn’t steal your food.  I myself can relate to that I am notorious for eating other peoples food 🙂

Another point in the day that was truly magical was when Jesse sang a song at the ceremony for Rebecca.  It talked about not being able to go on without her if he ever lost her.  It was such a wonderful song.  Their vows were personally written and amazing.  Rebecca talked about the things she loved about Jesse–his sense of adventure, zest for life, his respect for others, his love of family and his great compassion.

There was special fresh smoked salmon made the day of flown in from the west coast and smoked by one of her family members.  Last but not least the dancing grandma’s would surely bring smiles to anyones face.  The band was amazing and everyone danced the night away.  They were charming and also full of life.  Honestly the whole day was just extraordinary and the people I can not say enough wonderful things about these two families.

Flowers: Megan Brakeley Flowers from Youngs greenhouse South Paris Maine

Dress: Fiori Burlington VT

Bow Ties: Beau Ties of Vermont

Band: Shut Down Brown

Favors: Coffee by Design and Brakeley’s Pure VT Maple Syrup

Venue: Sunday River

Photography: Kivalo Photography

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