March 15, 2019

The Inn on Peaks Island from a Photographer’s Point of View

Views on Inn on Peaks Island

The Inn on Peaks Island is one of my very favorite places to photograph a wedding in Maine.  From a photographer’s point of view, it doesn’t have a lot of drawbacks.  It doesn’t have an ugly carpet, wood walls, or too much travel.  It actually offers such an array of choices and everything is so seamless because of the AMAZING staff that you really cannot go wrong getting married at the Inn on Peaks Island. 

The Ferry ticket

Bridal Suite

The Great Diamond room has beautiful natural light for getting ready.  It offers several options for places to hang the gown and has such a quaint island feel.  I generally appreciate rooms with neutral colors so that the color coordination of the wedding day is not thrown off by a bright yellow table or purple painted doors.  There is plenty of room for everyone to join in and for multiple angles for the photos.  Pro note: I generally shoot from the window into the room—and clear the space around the front and the left side of the bed for the best place and light to put the gown on and shoot photos. 

Bridal Details

The Salon

Offers a place for a breakfast spread in the room next to the mirrors, and perfect salon chairs for the hair and makeup team.  It is a cute space but can get a little cramped with more than 3-5 people.  The only thing I wish they would do is to paint the walls a nice neutral color because the green cast of the walls makes for green colored skin tones and green color casts in the photos. 

inn on peaks island wedding

Guys & Girls

The Inn on Peaks Island is wonderful for a couple who is watching their photography budget and did not include a second photographer because the bridal party can get ready in one of the other beautiful suites such as the Chebeague or the Cliff island Suites that offer the balcony has a beautiful bay view, cathedral ceiling, private bathroom with Jacuzzi bathtub and additional living room space.  Also featuring great natural light and nice neutral backgrounds. 

Guys arriving off the ferry

Ceremony Site

One of the best things about the Inn on Peaks Island is that everything is right there.  You can get married at the gazebo and you have rain and shine options.  The landscaping is beautifully done, and the ceremony site is completely private from any other island dwellers.  It is close-knit and offers the perfect aisle length.  Generally, there is good light and it is a nice place for the family photos after the wedding. 


Options & Multiple Locations

The Inn is situated right at the top of the hill you cannot miss it as you walk off the boat.  It is easy for everyone to get to and it is in a nice central location to the little stores on the island.  There is a cute church just a few blocks down if that is something you wanted for your wedding ceremony.  The very best part of this is that Peaks Island is beautiful and just a short golf cart ride away there are incredible ocean views and fun rocks to climb on.  This area makes for the very best images! 

The Cocktail hour and Reception

The all-season tent is a blank canvas for whatever you want to create for your wedding.  You can use their linens or get your own fancy ones.  You can do as much DIY as you want, or you can hire an outside prop to come and decorate and light as you wish.  It never disappoints and the light is always beautiful inside.  Furthermore, you have an inside party!  We move inside toward the bar for dancing and the dance floor is always busy!  I love that!  It is also a nice space for up lights because the ceiling is low, and the colors show off brilliantly in pictures.  

The Staff

I have been all over New England in the last 10 years as a wedding photographer and I can say for sure that the Inn on Peaks Island has some of the most professional, hardworking, accommodating and incredible staff in the wedding industry.  Your wedding will be flawless there will be no hitches or glitches you are in qualified and talented hands when you choose the Inn on Peaks Island for your wedding. 

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