April 16, 2014

Wacky Wednesday || Maine Wedding Photographer

This week is a busy week as I will be heading home to get ready for my brother’s celebration of life.  I am super excited to see my family from the DC area…as well as meet all of my brother’s friends!  It is a bit daunting though–its still a bit unreal to me.  It’s like I expect him to walk in as if we are throwing him a surprise party.  Anyway, I thought  I would write about what this Maine wedding photographer is working on for fun in her spare time 🙂  I am taking a blogging class online, and a journaling class.  The journaling class has me pulling out all of the stops as it is an art-book journal….you collage, you write….it is a book for passion and positivity.  It brings me back to when I was younger and my favorite thing to do was create collages.  My entire wall in my room was a massive collage….full of photographs, magazine clippings, and words that meant something to me at the time.  Its fun to get back into laying things out on a piece of paper.  I recently designed a piece in Adobe Indesign and I just love working with trying to make information as appealing as possible.  So this making choices about how you want the page to look, and writing the right things in your best handwriting, and curating the content to be what I want is a blast from the past!  I really can not draw at all but I sure like to try to be artsy and I may have a slight problem when it comes to buying art supplies 🙂

Besides my best scissors here are some of my other project supplies:

design and blogging class

But don’t be fooled this wasn’t that easy of a picture to take….I had my little helper 🙂

collage and art class

Ill photograph the work when I am finished and show some of it on here 🙂  Have a good week/weekend!


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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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