January 13, 2016

Maine Wedding Ideas || Maine Food

This is the second blog in my Maine wedding ideas series.  Maine food is defiantly a place where you can find inspiration for your Maine wedding.  It can inspire your decor and certainly make for a delicious experience for your guests.  Maine has taken the country by storm with their delicious foods and the locally grown farm to table restaurants that have been taking off all over the state.  Maine is a place to be inspired by the colors of the foods, the type of foods, and the organic farms that dabble the country side.  A shout out to some of my favorite caterers….Dandelion Catering, Churchill Catering, Fire & Co, and 111 Maine.  (some of the photos here are of the food these fabulous caterers created this past season from locally grown meats and veggies)  See some ideas for your Maine wedding food below:

1.  Lobster & mussels, oysters–shell fish is for sure one of Maine’s specialties.  The Maine lobster is known around the world and it is coveted by the thousands of visitors that descend on Maine each year.  The red color of lobsters often inspires nautical weddings.  The oyster bars have become increasingly popular as a wedding staple.


2.  Farm grown crops–farm to table crops in Maine are wide spread and very popular.  The small organic farm provides tons of local food opportunities.  In fact there are several amazing Maine caterers who have based their business off of using the locally grown goodness and making interesting, elegant, and five star plates for weddings.


3.  Apples–apple picking is wide spread in Maine in the fall.  The orchards are beautiful and inspire many weddings.  They offer a fun experience and a color palette that photographs wonderfully.  There are tons of products that you might find at a wedding that are made from apples.  (pie, cider, turnovers, and caramel apples)


4.  Blueberries–one of the greatest antioxidants in the world.  Maine blueberries have been known around the world for years.  It is a huge Maine industry that has supplemented the Maine economy for years.  Blueberry picking has inspired weddings in Maine by gracing the cakes, using the blueberry boxes and rakes as decor, and of course Maine blueberry pies.


5.  Sweet corn–of course you can get corn just about anywhere in America but Maine sweet corn grown by local Maine farmers is a craze when it hits the small farmers market in the late summer.


6.  Whoopie Pies–A Northeast specialty these delicious Maine desserts have been a hit at wedding for years.  They come in lots of types and styles.  You can get mini pies, you can get cookie dough pies, you can get standard chocolate ones if you want.  They make wonderful favors, and go perfect with coffee.
Stonewall Jam–a classic Maine wedding favor.  It can be customized to have labels that say what you want for your wedding, you can get it in a variety of flavors.  It is locally made and offers a Maine take away.


7.  Maine Maple Syrup–While it is made in the wedding off season (as soon as the snow begins to melt away) it is often associated with the colorful leaves of the fall.  It is often brewed at local farms and can come in a variety of packaging.  It makes a great wedding favor, or a delicious compliment to many recipes.

8.  Locally grown herbs–herbs and wedding traditions go way back.  Each herb stands for a belief that it will bring you certain things.  For example dill is believed to bring good spirits, lavender is said to represent devotion and undying love and good luck, parsley brings festivity etc.


9.  Maine Beer–We have officially taken one of the top spots in the country as having some of the best beer and breweries in the nation.  Travel and Leisure lists some of the top breweries in its article you can read it here: http://www.travelandleisure.com/local-experts/maine/best-craft-beers-maine  This is a huge draw for Maine weddings.  You can serve it via bottle, via keg, or have it on tap depending on where you have your Maine wedding.  It inspires favors, locations, decor and of course a ton of fun.


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