October 14, 2018

Summer Camp Wedding || Camp Birch Hill

It is so cliché for me to tell you how awesome this wedding was because you think that it is my job to say that.  However, there are people who come into your life and change your standards.  These two did that for me.  I am super lucky to have some wonderful people each year, but these guys are my dream, my ideal, my absolute favorite clients I have ever had.  Let’s start here…Matt wore a tie with cats on it and Kyra was ok with that.  Also, there was a pizza tie.  You have summed up my favorite things just in the ties!  That doesn’t even take into consideration that the bride (Kyra) was paddle boarding and swimming just moments before her wedding!  This is how life is meant to be lived!  A little basic but the best kind of basic.  The kind that makes this day just one of many that will be extraordinary in their lives.  Because as I mention on my website love is just a series of everyday moments with someone who gets you and appreciates you for all of your crazy quirks and many flaws.  Now, I am not saying Kyra has many flaws this girl is incredible….she is kind, smart, and gorgeous.  Then there is Matt…also kind, smart, and handsome.  I mean I already knew summer camp weddings are some of my very favorite types of weddings because they are a weekend of lakeside activities but this one set the bar for fun.  Here is a list of just a few of my favorite moments:

*Matt cried when he saw Kyra

*Watching the wedding episode of Girls while the girls got their hair and makeup done

*the best man speech (it was so epic as you will see in the pics with hysterical laughing)

*Matt’s vows….holy smokes they BLEW ME AWAY!!  Best groom vows ever!

*The backdrop at the ceremony

*Matt singing “wonderwall” and his love for 90’s alternative (its the best music of our time)

*Matt’s shoes!

Wedding vendors: Camp Birch Hill, Hair & Makeup by Samantha Brulotte, Florals by Lyndsey Loring, Planning by Kaleena Guzman (and Matt), BHLDN Dresses, Newt PEAK DJ

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17 tips for beautiful wedding photos

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