December 20, 2018

Unique Maine Wedding Venues

Maine is one of the most amazing places to get married.  Not only do we have incredibly talented wedding creatives we also have some unique Maine wedding venues. Maine is a laid back and full of spirit all at the same time.  It is industrial, rustic, and modern…essentially a cultural revolution built by hard work, determination, and love.  We do not have many ballrooms or traditional wedding venues, but we do have a ton of really cool spots where you could make your wedding completely unique and memorable for all of your guests!  They call it the vacationland for a reason! Once you visit it will be a place you want to go back to again and again. 


Besides the great local beer they are generally hip and industrial.  They offer really cool backdrops for photos.


Mill Buildings:

A classic part of Maine history these buildings are full of gorgeous wood floors, brick walls, and high ceilings.  Often there is a lot of open space for you to paint your own canvas and that can be awesome for photos! 

Industrial Touch of Black Wedding


Perfect for the book lovers but also perfect for people who are looking for a more traditional nontraditional spot.  It could be perfect for a daytime affair or you could dress it up and make it a formal event. 

Lands End Bailey Island


Some of the antique malls and stores would be perfect but tend to be a bit too full for a wedding.  There are so many vintage things and locations to check out. 

vintage wedding inspiration
Antique Wedding Inspiration


Who doesn’t’ want to be a part of the Swiss Family Robinson?  These places are gorgeous and completely different from anything else!  Also, pictures in the woods are amazing! 

Woody Wedding


Lakeside wedding in the woods…. that’s a perfect weekend event!  These locations offer so much and can be made to fit your personality.  The photo opportunities are endless. 

  • Kingsley Pines-Beautiful summer camp facilities offering a blank canvas for your memorable wedding. To see a real Kingsley Pines wedding click here 🙂
  • Tomhegan Wilderness Cabins-Right on the water with trails and endless picturesque scenes.  The cabins are beautiful, and you cannot get enough of the wildlife. 
  • Migis Lodge-Kind of like summer camp but with very luxurious cabins and amazing staff. The photo below will take you to a Real Migis Lodge wedding.
Migis Lodge Wedding


The light in these places is the very best light ever for photographers.  Maine is one of the best places to find a flower farm and get married.  Who doesn’t want locally sourced goods at their wedding. 

Broadturn Farm Wedding


It doesn’t get any more intimate then a sailboat.  It also doesn’t get any more amazing on the coast of Maine!  You cannot go wrong with photos on a sailboat. 

Sailboat Wedding

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