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I am whimsical, romantic, and fun. I love everything vintage, coastal, and rustic. I am so fortunate to have the greatest job in the world -telling peoples stories and capturing love.


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Wedding at Marriott Sable Oaks S. Portland Maine

What a beautiful October day in Maine ūüôā ¬†Angela’s sisters were both pregnant with their second kids and so blessed with such beautiful and fun first kids ūüôā ¬†I think my favorite part was when the kids both were given a dollar bill…and they told Gary that they got paid and that they were “headed… Read more »

Military Wedding Maine

What a wonderful group of people I met yesterday! The girls were so much fun, and the men were very knowledgeable about hunting (I quickly learned). Jim and Chelsea have a wonderful story, it seems Jim knew the first time he saw Chelsea that she was the girl for him. Her stories of what a… Read more »

Engagement Session-Falmouth Maine

So excited to be working with Kelli & Conrad! ¬†They finish each others sentences, and even though they have been together quite a while they still feel like new young love, passionate, and sweet. ¬†Conrad Kelli will make a wonderful wife next year, and Kelli Conrad is a wonderful caring man. ¬†I am so excited… Read more »

Camden, Maine Wedding Photography

What a wonderful couple, fabulous people, and a fun beautiful wedding day! ¬†Some of the awesome vendors are Lovell Designs here in Freeport, The WhiteHall Inn, The Waterfront Restarunt, and J. Biddy’s wedding band!    

Backyard Wedding, Bowdoinham, Maine

Catered by Famous Dave’s this was a wonderful wedding. ¬†The beautiful cake was made by Splattered Batter in Augusta, Maine and tasted simply amazing! ¬†Nearly 1oo guests came to show their love and support for Betsy & Kerry!

Backyard Wedding, Stow MA

Tam & Nick met in Florida. ¬†They clearly were each others complimentary person, and this past weekend they were finally wed! ¬†It was a beautiful ceremony with a lobster feast done by Black Tie Company. ¬†Cheers to Nick & Tam for a future full of sharing the remote and filling the ice trays before putting… Read more »

Bachelorette Costume Photo Party

What a wonderful time I had with these ladies! ¬†We had drinks and food and took photos in fun costumes! ¬†All these photos were created on a white background and then I took the liberty of giving them a scene.   There are many many more…group photos rocking 80’s costumes, vampires, and superheroes!

Cliff Island, Maine Wedding Photography

Katrinka spent as much time as she could on Cliff Island as a kid only fitting that Cliff Island was the first place Brian told her he loved her. ¬†The perfect place for their wedding on such a beautiful day! ¬†Getting everything out to the Island was not an easy task and took many people… Read more »

Diamonds are a girls best friend

About a week ago I was visiting my childhood best friend in NY.¬† She has been working as an engineer for Tiffany & Co. for almost 5 years.¬† She has learned a ton about the company and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to engagement rings.¬† We visited the flagship store on 5th… Read more »

Portland, Maine National Magazine Coverage

The September issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine has a whole page on Portland Maine!¬† Page 32 is about what a wonderfully walkable city Portland is and all of the fantastic places to see.¬† Noted is Becky’s Diner, the Harbor Fish Market, Portland Museum of Art, and Hugo’s.¬† I just wanted to share that Portland… Read more »

Black Bear Inn, Bangor Maine Wedding Photography

On Saturday I had the honor of photographing another one of the Jones family weddings. ¬†They are such wonderful people and I had such a good time. ¬†I also had the pleasure of working with a wonderful DJ Joey “Disco” who is a WCYY jockey.      

Post Wedding Shoot Hallowell Maine

I am a very lucky photographer!¬† I have such wonderful clients and they have amazing families.¬† After it rained on Nykki’s wedding day and we did some very fun photos.¬† It was time to mix it up and do some more “moody” and sensual photographs.¬† It was a lot of fun!¬† We had a wonderful… Read more »

Sunday River, Maine Wedding Photography

Each wedding weekend brings new photos. ¬†Last weekends wedding at Sunday River will be a hard one to top. ¬†While I didn’t have time to get my bride and groom to the top of the mountain on the chondola, we did find some wonderful places to photograph! ¬† Rachel and Brad have wonderful families and… Read more »

Boston Aquarium

I LOVE to visit aquariums! ¬†They are surely one of my top ten places to photograph. ¬†I know it is cheating, as it isn’t a true underwater adventure but I don’t swim! ¬†What amazing creatures there are in the world! ¬†BOOOOO BP for messing them up! I find sea turtles to be so relaxing. ¬†They… Read more »


My photo-booth is under construction and needs a few more runs to get it perfect but here are a few samples ūüôā ¬†I love photo-booth pics!